Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Haul!

Fall Haul ^_^
 Yay! I finally have the time to post something on here. I wish I could blog more; I really do enjoy doing it, but hopefully I'll have more time later in the year. Now, it's finally getting colder! I'm so glad, cause I love cold weather. So most of the things I got from this haul is from Ulta; but there are some things here and there of course. Everything in this haul is completely new to me and I hope they work out for me. If you have tried any of these things; let me know what you think of it! ^_^

Make-up products
Left to right:
L'Oreal; Delice Blush - Limited Edition Project Runway: 425 Charming Cockatoo
My first L'Oreal product! I've heard lots of raves about their "LE Project Runway collection" and at Ulta, almost everything was gone! Suddenly, I came across this blush, and I had  to get it! I've swatched it on my hand, and the color is so pretty! You get a lot of product, it's quite cheap ($10), and the pigmentation pays of really well! I would say that this is a kinda shimmery pinkish-coral blush; it's so nice! 
Pop Beauty; Blitz Kit Basic 
One word. STEAL. You get 3 eyeliners for the price of one; $15! This is part of Pop's holiday gift set, this is their glitter liner set that includes: purple, black, and brown. I've swatched them, and they are very nice, I love the glitter effect! 
Pop Beauty; No Show No Shine Powder: Two Level Out
Personally, I have combination skin and when I got color matched for this, it really controlled my shine. As for me when I wear make-up, I usually do concealer, and would brush this over my face to set it. It provides quite heavy coverage from what I've seen! $22.
Pop Beauty; Aqua Lacquer: Melted Peach
Super cool product! It comes in a tube with a rubber spatula applicator. This product is super unique! It's water, so it is not sticky at all, but it doesn't feel greasy and it stays on for a long time and quite moisturizing too! It seems very liquidy, but the color is quite nice; and you get plump, watery lips ~ And you only need a little but it covers a lot; $14.
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer: Cream 30
This was actually on clearance for $3.99 because my Ulta wasn't carrying this anymore. so I decided to get it. I've heard a lot of raves about this, and I can see why! It covers a lot, and is easily blendable. It doesn't really come a great deal of colors, but this shade is just a touch light for me. But I like it nonetheless!

Skin care products
 Left to right:
Benefit Triple Performing Face Emulsion SPF 15 PA++
I've been dying to get something from Benefit's new line of skincare! I was contemplating on whether to get this or their actual moisturizer. I eventually gave into this because it was incredibly light, yet moisturizing, and it has an SPF 15. I love the packaging; super cute and so far I really like this product! $28; but you get a lot of product, and I only use 2 pumps every day for my face. I use this everyday in the morning regardless.
Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer
I remember hearing this product somewhere before, and it was a really good raving review about this product; I've been meaning to get it for quite a while too. I have combination skin, and so far; I LOVE THIS. I have dry skin and oily skin, and this provides enough moisturizing effects for both skin types and does not make me oily. Especially since wintertime is rolling around the corner, this does not make my face feel dry.  I really enjoy the product! $32.
DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask
My skin has been really bad lately. Like I have these blemishes that just will not go away! They have been there for a month, but they go away, and come back. I just want to get rid of them for good! I actually don't have a deep-cleansing mask any more since I used up my charcoal one from Origins. I decided to give this a try since DDF is also quite known for their acne products. $40 is a whopping price to pay for a mask, but you get SO MUCH product! It's a really big jar; I hope it works!
Formula 10.0.6 Down to the Pore Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips 
Also, just looking around Ulta when I was buying things; these big bold letters caught my eyes. I'm so tired of my black heads and I just want to get rid of them. This is a pretty new brand I believe, cause I have never ever heard of them, but the description sounds pretty promising! $5.99; pretty average price, and you get 6 stripes. I hope this works for me!

Have you tried any of these products? If you would like more info on any of these products; feel free to comment below! <3