This is going to get pretty big.... ^_^ I created this page not only for me to keep track of what I want but also this could be for anyone that wants to get a girl a gift for an upcoming event or something. 2 in 1, score! Instead of posting little posts about some stuff I want, I'll just keep this updated every month or something. I will still post about some of these things if I want to go into detail about them. (I'll put things in general on here and specific things too.)
  • TOMS shoes; I have a pair already, but it's for a good cause, why not? I'm thinking of waiting until I see a style that I like and buy it because sometimes they have limited edition/special styles that are just in stock for a limited time.
  • Yesstyle order; Everything on there is so tempting! It's so expensive though! (I have roughly 150 products on my Wishlist on Yesstyle.)
  • SaSa order; Seriously, I have found this as the ultimate online Asian beauty store, but I promised myself to use up the things I have first. So maybe when I'm low on supply, I can just get a massive haul. ^_^
  • Circle lens; I've already posted about this one, but I'm still a tad reluctant to get some now. Plus, there are so many choices! I'm thinking of either brown, gray, or pink... 
  • Sperry Top-Sider shoes; these look so nice and are super comfortable! Can't wait till I get them! I am really in love with the light pink ones, but the original tan ones with designs on the sides are so cute too!!
  • Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner;  I love the natural winged eye look that gives your eye a dolly effect! I've heard so many raves about it; how easy it is to apply, no smudging, etc. The packaging is also super cute! Almost every guru has this, but I can't find it anywhere! Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon! 
  • Sephora Sun Safety Kit; I will be out in the sun a lot this summer, and I really want to get this because it has lots of mini/trial size tubes that are convenient to bring around and plus I can try out different ones so I can get the one that I really like later! With so many things, it's only $25! I have to get my hands on this fast! 
  •  Physicians Formula Eye Booster Liner; It's almost like an American Dolly Wink! This also has a lash serum and helps your lash grow longer and fuller! I've heard so many raves on this liner, and I can't wait to get my hands on one!! I think I'd want a dark brown for a more natural look... but we'll see.
  • Clarisonic MIA; My skin has been really bad lately and I kinda want to invest in something that will improve my skin in the long run as well. These things are just so highly raved! I want one too..