Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Detclear Bright & Peel "Fruits Peeling Jelly"

After my spending on Cure, I found this at an Asian gift shop. It's similar to Cure "Natural Aqua Gel" ! I believe they have different versions of this, like a foam, oil, and gel.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: Any
Me: Super impressed with this product! I love it! I can use this as my "back up" for Cure! Unlike exfoliaters that are actually granules of something, this gently exfoliates with jelly! I think it does help out a little with black heads slowly over time. I really love this thing!
How to: After cleansing your face, pump 2-3 pumps and spread it evenly on your face. Massage in circular motions until the liquid turns into little jelly clumps. (Maybe about one to two minutes.) After, just rinse with lukewarm water, and continue with the rest of your skincare routine!
Price: $10-15, pretty good because this will probably last you a long time. Its like a really good dupe of Cure and the price is a lot cheaper for almost the same effect.
Quality: It's actually a really good dupe of the expensive Cure that I got. It does a good job removing dead skin and reveal brighter skin.
Smell: It smells so good!! Really fruity that's not too heavy, but light and sweet! I love, love, love the smell! (Smells like yummy gummy candy!)
Texture: It's a clear liquid that forms into small jelly clumps when you start massaging your skin. Like Cure (forms white little beads), but except this turns to jelly! (Awesome texture!) The only little thing that I don't like about this is how liquidy it is at the beginning, so it's hard to keep on your face.
Packaging: Just like Cure, it's a simple bottle with a nice pump and it has like a "lock" thing on the pump so it doesn't spill. It's a tad cuter than Cure with a yellow pump, and fruits all over the background, but all the instruction is in Japanese! ^_^
Amount: 180 ml.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Origins "Tonique Purifiant"

My first toner ever, and even though I've tried out some other ones, I always go back to this one. It really doe
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: My very first toner, and the one I'm in love with. I've tried a couple in between, but I eventually end up buying this again. I think this is my 4th bottle now. I love how it cleans my skin without leaving my skin tight. I can feel that it's helping my skin every time I use this. I love how it's 95% organic, and I also feel so good about myself after recycling this at their store when I go to pick up something else. One small thing I don't like about this toner is smell, it's a little strong in the bottle, but it smells really fresh on your face.
How to: After cleaning your face, take a circle cotton pad a put some drops onto the cotton pad. You don't want to use so much so that your face is wet. This helps to clean up any traces of dirt left just in case you missed some. I know that I really do miss some spots, esp. during the summer! I was so amazed how much was left on my face. Just swipe the cotton pad all over your face, and then apply you're moisturizer! *This is amazing when your skin is just so bad, and you just need a refresh during the day. It calms your skin too!
Price: $25. Amazing toner, and I don't have a problem with this price. One bottle could probably last you for at least 3 months if you use it right.
Quality: Best toner I've ever used. My face is so clean afterward, and it doesn't dry out my face. Sometimes when I have a really bad "under-the-skin" pimple, I press this on it, and it's not itchy or irritating anymore.
Smell: In the bottle, it has a strong smell. It smells like a strong citrus smell, but it's not really bothering to me since it doesn't leave a smell on your face.
Texture: It's just a normal liquid toner. You can easily pour it on a cotton pad, and swipe it around your face. It's like alcohol (kinda cooling and refreshing) but it doesn't dry out your skin.
Packaging: My very first bottle of this had the stupidest packaging. The bottle looked exactly like this one, but on the inside where the toner poured out, it was open mouth. My second bottle, I spilled like half the thing because I knocked it down, *sigh*. My third bottle, it's like this one, where the opening has a plastic covering with a small hole so the toner can "drop" out. Thank gosh! Now, looking at the website, they have a new packaging! I'm super excited to go get my next bottle now!
Amount: 5 fl. oz./150 ml.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Smashbox "Blush Rush: Flush"

I love this baby pink shade with sparkles on it! I decided to buy this blush because I only had one other one, haha. I picked this up at Sephora along with some other things, but it was quite a while back. I really like this blush, it's so cute! And the packaging is amazing! Let's get on to the thorough review.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: The only other blush that I had was a coral color one, and I was getting tired of that. To me, this is probably a really great blush but it doesn't show up that well when you put it on. But after you let your make-up set after a while, the color starts showing up. It lasts for a pretty long time, and it gives me a pretty pink flush with pretty sparkles! This color is so cute and pretty "natural" for a nice flush of pink. I don't think it's super pigmented, so you might have to put on a little more...
How to: After foundation or your face makeup, just brush this blush over the apples of your cheeks. *Smile to see the apples of your cheek. Pat it on, and kind of bring it up to your temples, but don't over do it.
Price: $24. Er... I guess it's an okay price, I just wish it was a little more pigmented. The color is super cute though!
Quality: The color and sparkles are sooooo cute, but it's not that pigmented! You do get quite a bit of product, but you would have to apply it a little more than usual for it to show up, plus it's a baby pink color.
Smell: It has a slight scent of "make-up", but it's nothing to bother!
Texture: The sparkles in here are really fine, so it's easy to apply and blend without have left over sparkles or nothing at all. It's shimmery, there that's a better word! The powder itself is really smooth and fine.
Packaging: This is the best packaging ever! I almost broke it trying to figure out how this thing worked. So the top flips up to the blush, and on the bottom, it swivels out to a mirror! It's probably the coolest packaging I've ever came across! Small, sleek, and amazing!
Amount: 0.13 oz./3.7 g.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: TheFaceShop "Quick & Clean: Blemish Balm"

My first BB cream! Thank goodness this is oil-free so I won't get more oil for using this. BB creams usually don't come in many shades, and this one only came in one. The color is pretty light, but not fair. So if you normal "Asian" skin-tone, than you can use this. It's a tad light for my skin right now.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: I don't even use BB cream often. I use it when my skin is just really really crappy after a breakout when my skin is just dull and tired. When I breakout, I especially don't wear makeup to keep my pores clean. I use this alone or under foundation. I love how it makes my skin soft, clean looking, and helps my skin out a lot not only on the surface but also inside. I really do think that this has helped my skin when it's in need. I'm kind of disappointed because it doesn't have SPF in it though! I think this is really great instead of foundation because it's light and it has a lot of good things for you skin too!
How to: You can use this alone after a moisturizer or under your foundation for extra coverage. Just taking a small amount (pea size) and apply it. If it's not enough, just take more. But a little goes a long way!
Price: I can't remember... I think it was like between 15-20 dollars? It's not a bad price since you only need so little for your entire face! Definitely worth it!
Quality: Really great BB cream, it's from TheFaceShop's "Quick & Clean" line for acne, so this does not cause me to break out. I love it's consistency, and it makes my skin really nice.
Smell: Its smells really nice! It has a flora and fresh aloe vera smell. It's definitely the best smelling cream that I've tried.
Texture: I've tried some of other BB creams, and this one has an especially smooth texture. It's kinda thicker than the others because the others seem to run more liquid. It's not super thick, but it's like normal lotion consistency. I like it because it's easy to spread and smooth.
Packaging: It's in a nice compact green tube. It's sanitary and small!
Amount: 1.18 fl. oz./35 ml

Review: Hemirus "Aloe Mask Pack"

I just got this when I was just out getting some other things and these are actually my first sheet masks! This is actually a really good mask, great for hydration and a little for acne.
Rating: 8 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types
Me: These are my very first sheet masks, so I can't compare it to anything just yet. For what I know about this mask, aloe is really great for hydration and retaining skin's smoothness. The packet inside has a lot of essence, so I would just squeeze out the rest and put it on my neck or on other places of the mask. I use this mask when my skin is just so dull, dry, and just bad in general. The size of this mask is kinda weird, but it's not like 'one size fits all' so it's not a terrible thing. Ha, I actually have this mask on as I'm writing this review!
How to: After cleaning your face, you can use a toner (like the packet says) but I just use it after cleaning my face. Wait for 20-30 minutes, and take the mask off, gently massage the remaining essence into your skin, and slightly clean away the remaining essence with a little bit of water. *You don't want to totally clean everything off because the essence is to help your skin!
Price: Um... Not sure, but these sheet masks weren't that expensive, so no worries!
Quality: The sheets are really great, but after like 20 minutes, it starts drying in places that didn't fit your face well and then the rest of the mask starts to lift in those places. (In my case, its my chin.) The essence is really great, your skin is super soft and bright afterward. Your skin really soaks up the essence, so the mask gets a little dry, but that's when your done with the mask, and at least you know that your skin is actually absorbing it! ^_^
Smell: It has a really fresh smell, clean, and like aloe. Aloe has a slight smell, not really strong or anything.
Texture: The sheet mask is absorbing, and the essence is more on the thicker side.
Packaging: They're all sealed in an aluminum bag, and when you're ready, just open up!
Amount: 1 mask (10 mask per box)

Review: Too Faced "Absolutely Invisible Candlelight" (Sheer Gold)

I think this was one of the first makeup products I've ever bought. I just loved the gold sparkles in it! This is an illuminating translucent powder. It sets your makeup, controls oil, and gives you a little glow.

Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: Any skin type
Me: At first I just bought this because of the gold sparkles! It was so pretty! Then i learned that it's for setting your makeup/oil control. I love using this after foundation (when I do wear makeup) just to set it and it gives my skin a soft glow and matte finish. It's not heavy, so sometimes I just put this over BB cream to set it make it last. It gives such a nice glow that's not like a highlighter would, but it's like a glow that angelic.
How to: After using your foundation or BB cream, just brush this all over you face. You can touch up later in the day with this too. Sometimes, I just use this alone if I'm too lazy for everything else. Brushing this on my face just gives it a nice finish and a luminosity.
Price: $25. I don't think it's such a bad price for such a nice powder! And it's not like it's foundation, so this will probably last you for a while.
Quality: It's a great powder, fine (not really fine), fine gold sparkles, and smooth. Just over time, it has these little dots. It really gives you skin a nice finish, and it's not heavy either! It definitely gives you soft illumination like 'candlelight' does!
Smell: It smells like makeup... In the package, but when you put it on your face it smells liek nothing.
Texture: Smooth, but some parts may get like "dry-patches" and "clumps" if you don't use it for a long time.
Packaging: A cute gold and cream color packaging. Very sanitary and easy to carry around. Inside, there's a big mirror that says 'Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?' I think that is so cute! The mirror is huge, so you can see like your whole face in there.
Amount: 9 g. / 0.32 oz.

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