Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: TheFaceShop "Quick & Clean: Blemish Balm"

My first BB cream! Thank goodness this is oil-free so I won't get more oil for using this. BB creams usually don't come in many shades, and this one only came in one. The color is pretty light, but not fair. So if you normal "Asian" skin-tone, than you can use this. It's a tad light for my skin right now.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: I don't even use BB cream often. I use it when my skin is just really really crappy after a breakout when my skin is just dull and tired. When I breakout, I especially don't wear makeup to keep my pores clean. I use this alone or under foundation. I love how it makes my skin soft, clean looking, and helps my skin out a lot not only on the surface but also inside. I really do think that this has helped my skin when it's in need. I'm kind of disappointed because it doesn't have SPF in it though! I think this is really great instead of foundation because it's light and it has a lot of good things for you skin too!
How to: You can use this alone after a moisturizer or under your foundation for extra coverage. Just taking a small amount (pea size) and apply it. If it's not enough, just take more. But a little goes a long way!
Price: I can't remember... I think it was like between 15-20 dollars? It's not a bad price since you only need so little for your entire face! Definitely worth it!
Quality: Really great BB cream, it's from TheFaceShop's "Quick & Clean" line for acne, so this does not cause me to break out. I love it's consistency, and it makes my skin really nice.
Smell: Its smells really nice! It has a flora and fresh aloe vera smell. It's definitely the best smelling cream that I've tried.
Texture: I've tried some of other BB creams, and this one has an especially smooth texture. It's kinda thicker than the others because the others seem to run more liquid. It's not super thick, but it's like normal lotion consistency. I like it because it's easy to spread and smooth.
Packaging: It's in a nice compact green tube. It's sanitary and small!
Amount: 1.18 fl. oz./35 ml

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