Sunday, April 8, 2012

Massive Mask Haul! - My Scheming & My Beauty Diary

As you can tell, this mask haul is a lot bigger than the last one...
 Warning: PIC HEAVY! 

Woo! I'm super excited to do this post! My mom came back from NY, and she bought me all these masks including some other skincare items, but these were definitely the star of them all! The last haul consisted of mostly My Beauty Diary masks, but this time, it's mostly My Scheming! Both brands are very well known for their masks, and I've only tried one My Scheming mask, and I really liked it! Some people prefer My Scheming over My Beauty Diary, but we'll just have to see!
Let's go into details about the haul!
My Scheming - Hydrating
 ~ Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask
~ Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask (2x)
I think these masks should be really nice for the wintertime when my skin is just super dry because of the cold and dry weather. I'm sure both of these masks will help in improving skin's suppleness and plumpness as well.
My Scheming - Whitening
 ~ Caviar Whitening Mask
~ Arbutin Whitening Mask
~ Pearl Whitening Mask
~ Silk Collagen Whitening Mask
First things first, whitening should not be associated with bleaching and trying to be 'super pale'... Whitening has so do with improving your skin's luminosity and clarity, and making it look 'translucent'. Like healthy and dewy skin; plus it can help with lightening any scars you have as well. I know the My Beauty Diary's Arbutin Whitening mask is really well known for its effectiveness, and I'm curious to see how this one will work out! I hope these masks will help to lighten up my acne scars! 

My Scheming - Mixed
 ~ Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask
~ Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask
~ Deep Ocean Water Saccharide Isomerate Mask
~ Deep Cleaning Pore Minimizing Mask
I have no clue what some of these are for... but I'm really excited to try the deep cleansing one! All of these sound really interesting and cool, haha!

My Beauty Diary - Mixed
 ~ Bird's Nest Mask
~  Aloe Vera Mask
~ Pearl Powder Mask
~ Black Pearl Mask
Finally got the highly-raved black pearl mask! Can't wait to use it! I love the Bird's Nest one, so 'yay' for another box! Aloe will be good as a refreshment mask during the summertime after I pop it in the fridge ^__^

Loose Masks
~ Black Pearl Mask
~ Q10 Mask
~ Pearl Powder Mask
~ Apple Polyphenol Mask
~ Aloe Vera + Vitamin E mask
~ Aloe Vera Mask
~ Bird's Nest Mask
 These masks were the ones that couldn't fix in, so my mom took the boxes away, haha! I'm so happy I got more of the Apple Polyphenol mask because it is my FAVORITE mask of all time! I will probably use these first since they're out of the boxes ^__^

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I'll try to get reviews done ASAP! Thanks for stopping by!

What's your favorite mask?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming post....

MASSIVE mask haul... and this one is gonna be HUGE; be prepared.
I hope everyone is having a good day :)
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