Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stay tuned for a giveaway!

Hopefully by the end of this week, I'll have time to take pics and write the post for a little giveaway!
My very first giveaway! Most likely international as well!
This is in celebration of my blog's 2nd birthday! May 30.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: The Face Shop "E'thym O2 Water Aura Cream"

 Hello everyone! Woo, I'm on a roll with blogging now! Hopefully I can get a lot more done during the summer since there won't be school and such. Summer here is so hot, and all year round, it's pretty dry. I have combination skin, and it gets pretty dry in the winter, and this was definitely a life saver for me last winter. And for those around the other side of the globe, winter is approaching, so you might want to check this out.
The Face Shop has really opened up globally and I see it's stores all across America now, so that's a plus because you can easily get it around you now possibly!
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin type: Any; not extremely oily skin, great for dry skin and normal skin.
Me: I have combination skin that gets dry in the winter, so I need something that will moisturize without making me oily. Even in the summer when my skin has one of those 'dry' days, this feels extremely nice after popping it in the fridge... sooo refreshing. And I love how this is a very natural product, so you know your skin is getting good stuff.
Repurchase: Yes! I would definitely repurchase this when I run out.
How-to: After washing your face, applying toner, and apply this on. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY! ***I would recommend this as a night moisturizer, but if you have dry skin, daytime would be fine too!
Price: I don't remember the price, sorry! But I believed it was around $20-30 or so, maybe more on the pricey side of things I think... But if you think about it, you really only use a little bit, so this could last you for quite a while!
Quality: It's a really great moisturizer cause immediately you can feel how plump and moisturized your skin is, and your skin feels fresh and not heavy at all. However, for oilier skin, you have to be careful, cause it can make you look oilier if you use too much.
Smell: It smells very fresh. It reminds me of water... even though water doesn't have a smell, but it just reminds me of something very fresh and light.
Texture: It feels like a VERY THICK cream (yet 'watery'), and you think it's gonna make you oily and clog your pores, but it really doesn't. Since being a thick cream, you only need the tiniest bit for your whole face, and once applied, it feels great. Your skin feels very plump, moisturized, and fresh. It definitely seals in all the moisture of your skin without it feeling heavy.
Packaging: The packaging is a thick glass jar. Not the most sanitary, but I really love the design of the jar and the mint color. The cap actually 'snaps' when twisted, so you know it's completely sealed.
Amount: 60 ml. / 2.02 fl. oz.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Top 5 Polishes for the Summer!

 Hello everyone! Summer is here, and it is incredibly hot where I live... however, since it's summer, the suns out, and its time to show off all your toes and nails, I think it's time for some fun colors. I love wearing all sorts of colors for the summer, especially brighter colors; they're so happy! Here's a pick of my top 5 favorite colors for the summer that you might be interested in trying as well! 

(Left to Right)
1. Revlon "474 Kiss Me Coral"
2. Revlon "007 Sheer Blossom"
3. Essie "719 Splash of Grenadine"
4. OPI "Peach-A-Boo!"
5. Pure Ice "Super Star"
^Swatch of all the colors in order^

1. This color is very tropical because it's a sheer coral with a fine hot pink shimmer. Since this is a sheer color, it's very easy to wear in the summer. I love the different 'colors' this polish gives off; it could be a coral orange or a coral hot pink.
Me: Toe color; 2-3 coats

2. This color is VERY sheer/translucent. It could be worn alone as just a hint on pink or it could be put on a very opaque color to give it a pink tint. I like how it makes my nails look 'clean' because it's pretty much a natural color. There is a little bit of silver shimmer, but very few, so you can't really see them.
Me: Nail color, 2-3 coats.

3. I recently bought this color, and I am in love already! It's such a pretty purple color! It reminds me orchids; favorite flower! It's very bright, yet still very wearable. This color is quite opaque, so the number of coats just build up on it's fullness in color.  1 coat is enough for a opaque finish that's a light orchid purple , 2 coats gives it a full purple that is very opaque, and 3 coats just makes it a darker purple.
***Fun idea: Try using this color doing a french tip! A peek of fun! ;)
Me: Nail color, 1 or 2 coats / Toe color, 2 coats.

4.  This color is also VERY sheer/translucent. It could be worn alone as a natural shimmer nail color or it could be put on top another color for a shimmer effect (matching base colors). The color itself is a light peach base with fine pink/peach shimmers. The more coats just mean the more shimmer!
***Fun idea: Try putting this on top of a classical white french tip for a summer tint! 
Me: Nail color, 1-3 coats.

5. Just for the classic french tip OR designs (polka dots) for your nails. I love wearing french tips for the summer because it looks incredibly clean, and not as heavy as full-on polishes. I found this the other day, and it was super cheap, like $2 or something? And it's great for french tips because it's opaque, not too runny or thick, dries quickly, and last a long time!
Me: Nails or Toes, 1-2 coats.

What are your favorite colors for the summer? 
Please comment below, I would love to know! ^_^