Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: TheFaceShop "Quick & Clean Mild Foam Wash"

It's almost gone, yeh yeh yeh!
I just realized how long I've had this and still don't have a review for it! As you can see, it's almost gone, yay! I really loved this cleanser; rarely do I ever like a gel based cleanser. I just don't like the feeling of it after I wash it off my face. Back in July when I went to TheFaceShop, I was just going to look around cause the shop looked so clean and fresh! The salesgirl recommended this to me from their 'Quick & Clean' line which was for acne. I thank her so much for this!! I also got a bottle for my friend; I should have gotten another back-up bottle for myself! Love it! Let's go to the review!
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Normal to Oily skin, acne prone skin.
Me: I was introduced to the "Quick & Clean" line by a sales-lady that I met and she strongly suggested me to try out this line for my acne. I first tried their cleanser, and I love it!! It has really cleared up my acne; I use to have pretty severe acne on my forehead, and now it's nearly gone! I love using this during my "TOM" because it keeps my skin so clear! I usually do not like gel-based cleansers because I don't like the feeling of it afterwards, but this one, it leaves very little 'residue-feeling' to my skin. Even if it's for acne, it does not give my skin a tight feeling afterwards; moisturizing but not oily.  *Keeps my skin so clear!* 
Repurchase: YES! I'm almost running out, and I need to get another bottle, quick! Highly recommended! 
How to: After wetting your face, pump about a dime size amount, lather up with your hands/sponge/etc., and wash your face in a circular motion. (This lathers up really well!) After you're done washing your face, just wash it off, and continue with the rest of your routine! 
Price: I don't remember.... But I think it was around $10-15, or something like that. Inexpensive, and effective! The price is great for this product!
Quality: With all the high-end things I've tried, this has really done the trick for me! I truly believe that this works for acne. I believe that this a natural product as well. 
Smell: It does not have a strong scent, it just smells really fresh and clean! Not quite the regular clean 'cucumber' scent, but its a little sweet. I love the smell! (Not over-powering.)
Texture: This is a gel-based cleanser (pretty thick), but it lather and foams up really well! This leaves a really faint 'residue' feeling after washing it off, unlike other brands. I highly recommend this for the summer because its a light cleanser that really does the job!
Packaging: The bottle is pretty slim and the pump is really great! You can lock the nozzle by pressing it down, and locking it in place (great for travel!) I love the plastic, green packaging; so convenient and fresh-feeling! 
Amount: 145 ml. / 4.9 fl. oz. (It has lasted me for about 4-6 months; all you need is a dime-size!) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Of Face and Fingers" Giveaway: Jelly Pong Pong Mystery Bag! {Closed!}

Photo credit: via "Of Faces and Fingers'
Yay! Giveaway! So probably many of you know Jerlene from 'Of Face and Fingers', and now she's hosting a giveaway for a mystery bag of a brand that she loves and raves about, Jelly Pong Pong! If you have not tried their products, here is a great opportunity for you to test your luck!! ^_^  Jerlene's blog is filled with amazing goodness, like no joke! I just found out about her blog maybe a couple weeks ago, and I've been going through her archive and like reading almost all the posts! I love, love it! So not only enter the giveaway, but also be a Follower of her blog! Hope you win!
**Ends May 23, 2011**

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: MyBeautyDiary "Apple Polyphenol" Mask

It's been a while! I've been super busy with school and stuff that I haven't really been able to keep up with blogging, so hopefully this weekend I can get caught up with blogging! I have so many reviews ready to post, I just need to find the time to post them up. Remember when I got my Chinatown haul? I used the two Apple Polyphenol, and I am very satisfied! Hopefully the other ones will be amazing too!
This was the first one I tried from my haul, and I am in LOVE with it!! It works really well, and I can see the effects! I have 2 boxes of these left, and I am very glad I have back ups. Let's get on to the review!
Rating: 10 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types.
Me: The first rave I remember about this was by Fuz; she said that it really worked for her and her pores were visibly smaller. And honestly, I am completely happy with this mask! LOVE IT! I can feel that my skin is firmer, brighter, and my pores and less visible. I could use this every week without getting lazy because I just love it so much!
How to: After face wash,  dry your face and put this on! Move it around for a snug fit (don't pull it too much cause it might rip), and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes. I usually leave mine on for almost 45 minutes to let everything soak in. Take it off, massage in the remaining essence, and continue with a toner, moisturize, etc. BTW, these mask do not need rinsing; but what I do is kinda take a wet hand and gently wash it. (Not completely though.)
Price: They are around $10-20 per box depending on where you get them. I got mine for $10 ^_^ So each mask is like $1 !! So cheap!! Amazing price for a really good mask, LOVE!
Quality: Works wonderfully. I feel that it makes my skin firm, brightens, softens, and my pores look smaller. So worth it! And even if it doesn't do all of the above for you, it's still an amazing mask nonetheless.
Smell: Apple Juice. No joke. It smells like a light apple juice, not too sweet; it just has a really nice apple aroma. Love it!
Texture: The mask itself is pretty thin with lots of essence. Very soaked! Not dripping, but you can feel it, it's almost like putting a gel sheet on! The essence is not sticky at all! Very smooth! The mask is small (fits really well), but it also rips easily, so don't pull too much! In the aluminum packet, there's a protective plastic sheet to keep the mask from sticking together.
Packaging: Cute box!! and the mask inside is put in this cute, compact aluminum bag. Unlike most masks, these masks are put in smaller pouches!!
Amount: 1 sheet/ 10 per box.
Repurchase: Yes!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haul: MyBeautyDiary and FaceQ Masks!

Can't you tell I went crazy?!
So... After I tried the MyBeautyDiary masks for the first time, I fell in love with them, like no joke! I had to get some more! Along the way, I also got the new FaceQ mask! The Strawberry masks are spread out on the bottom because I couldn't fit all the boxes... ^_^ So far, I LOVE MyBeautyDiary masks, and I will do a review on each type separately later when I've actually tried everything out! Anyways, let's just get on to the haul itself! (Top and left to right.)

~Strawberry Yogurt Mask 
~Pearl Powder Mask
~Apple Polyphenol Mask
~Bird's Nest Mask
~Cooling Mask
~Pearl Powder Mask
~Apple Polyphenol Mask
~Bird's Nest Mask
~Aloe Mask
~Strawberry Yogurt Mask
~FaceQ "Peony, Snow Lotus,  and Sake Yeast Whitening Mask" 

All the masks lined up so it's easier to see.
A whoping total of 11 boxes!! Each box has 10 sheets, so that's 110! That is going to last me forever! 
Honestly, I love these masks! FaceQ is a brand that I've heard so many raves about, and this mask is from their newest line, and it's really unique because it goes down to your neck! It's suppose to whiten and lift as well, and I hope that this is going to be a mask that I enjoy. 
You can buy these masks at Asian beauty gift shops, Yesstyle, or Sasa
Have you tried these masks? Comment below to let me know!
If not, comment below to tell me which one you would like a review on first!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love from Emily at ThisWasForever!

All the amazing goodies!
     I am so happy! So about a month ago, I won Emily's giveaway for her blog's 1 year anniversary. And the package came this week, and I finally have time during the weekend to post about this. Omg... the package made my week! Seriously! It was filled with so many things!! The first thing I pulled out was the furry ear-muffs, how perfect for the winter!! I can't stop smiling... Anyways! Let's get to the details!

Her sweet card that she sent along with the gifts. Her handwriting is so cute and unique!
On the back of the card was the logo pic of her blog; I am totally digging this card!

Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function SPF 25 PA++ and Melliesh Lipgloss 06
The highlight of my package! After I swatched them, I totally understood all the hype of these items! I have not used these yet, but from the swatch....  The B.B. Cream is so light and provides excellent coverage, can't wait to use it! The lipgloss is so pretty, I think it is the cutest pink ever!

Fur earmuffs, circular black sunglasses, Sigma 'Pink Fire' compact mirror, Dior hair clip, and ToyStory key chain.

E.L.F Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeshadow Palette, Nicole nail polish, and a Skinfood shampoo sample.
I love love love the earmuffs!! The compact mirror is so pretty, and comes with an enlarged side and a regular side. I love the keychain, it's so cute! I have not tried E.L.F products yet, so these will be my fire to test out. And as you know, I am a fanatic of Skinfood products, so I will be more than happy to try this out! 

Yay, thank you so much Emily! Can't wait to test everything out! ^_^

Check out her blog here:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wishlist: Circle lens!

I know.. I know.. the controversy that stands behind this. 
I've actually had a pair before, and they were alright. I actually got the "World Series Circle Contact Lens/Geo Tri Color Brown" (they're the same thing, just different names). LensCircle was the place I got my lens actually. I had a really great experience shopping with them! I got like promo codes, gifts, and everything! They were extremely nice about everything, woot!
The lens however....
Comfort: Was alright for the first month, but after that, it was so terrible! (maybe cause I didn't clean it, but still, it shouldn't be that bad!) Well, after each time I deep cleansed it, it was fine for like a week, but then it started to irratate my eyes. So I threw them out after like 6 months (they were suppose to last 1 year).
Color: I thought this was a really unique color, and my friend told me that it really brought out the hues of brown in my hair. I love how unique it was, but sometimes its a little too much for like daily/normal occasions. (BTW, the color is a lot more subtle on dark brown eyes than on the pictures on their websites.)
Price: I think everyone knows by now that they are a lot cheaper than normal contact lens... ^_^
Why do I want to get them again?

  • They're fun to have.
  • You get to be unique and different.
  • Convenient to have if you're contacts ran out 
  • Great to "dress up" your eyes 
  • "They're like eyeshadow for your eyeballs" ~BEAUTYQQ

 So... this time I'm thinking of ordering from PinkyParadise or YesStyle.  This time though, I'm actually thinking of getting a dark brown/grey. I want something natural yet unique. I've been eyeing a couple pair, but I'm still unsure if I really want to get them or not yet, so I'll be patient and wait a little longer until something urges me to get them.  Oh! And the "Circle Lens" Forum of soompi is super helpful for pictures or any questions you have, I am definitely not the expert on this, haha.
You've only got one pair of eyes, so treasure them. (I will take better care of my contacts!)
Don't order super humongous ones... If you're a contact wear-er already, go for a size that isn't too much of a difference from your prescribed one. (Mine are 14.2mm, so I wouldn't get anything bigger than like 14.5mm)
Well, that's it for now! I will definitely take pictures and review them IF I decide to get them. ^_^