Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love from Emily at ThisWasForever!

All the amazing goodies!
     I am so happy! So about a month ago, I won Emily's giveaway for her blog's 1 year anniversary. And the package came this week, and I finally have time during the weekend to post about this. Omg... the package made my week! Seriously! It was filled with so many things!! The first thing I pulled out was the furry ear-muffs, how perfect for the winter!! I can't stop smiling... Anyways! Let's get to the details!

Her sweet card that she sent along with the gifts. Her handwriting is so cute and unique!
On the back of the card was the logo pic of her blog; I am totally digging this card!

Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function SPF 25 PA++ and Melliesh Lipgloss 06
The highlight of my package! After I swatched them, I totally understood all the hype of these items! I have not used these yet, but from the swatch....  The B.B. Cream is so light and provides excellent coverage, can't wait to use it! The lipgloss is so pretty, I think it is the cutest pink ever!

Fur earmuffs, circular black sunglasses, Sigma 'Pink Fire' compact mirror, Dior hair clip, and ToyStory key chain.

E.L.F Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeshadow Palette, Nicole nail polish, and a Skinfood shampoo sample.
I love love love the earmuffs!! The compact mirror is so pretty, and comes with an enlarged side and a regular side. I love the keychain, it's so cute! I have not tried E.L.F products yet, so these will be my fire to test out. And as you know, I am a fanatic of Skinfood products, so I will be more than happy to try this out! 

Yay, thank you so much Emily! Can't wait to test everything out! ^_^

Check out her blog here:


  1. I'm so glad that you loveee the items!! :) I hope you'll enjoy all the goodies! :)

  2. will do! i already put the keychain on my keys >.<

  3. thanks for commenting and congrats the prizes, everything looks amazing! :D

  4. Lucky you! I've always wanted to try that BB cream... I might just purchase it online...

  5. Nic Nic: Thank you! Can't wait to test it out!

    Crystal: I think it's actually not a bad BB cream, go for it! :) I'll have to post a review after when I've tried it out a couple of times, but so far I am really loving it!