Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Cure "Natural Aqua Gel"

Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: Any
Me: I decided to get this after watching Bubz's Beauty Skin Care Routine because Bubz is such an inspiration to me. She did her skincare routine in this video, and raved about some of the things she used. The CURE product seems really interesting to me because I've been meaning to get a better exfoliater. Well, I ordered it from Yesstyle for $48, yikes! It was a little pricey, but I eventually decided to get it. I really love this thing! It's a really gentle exfoliater that really works. It lasts me for a long time because this is such a good exfoliater, and it's also a really deep one too. I use this pretty sparingly since it's pretty expensive, and use a gentler one when there's nothing special, haha.
How to: After washing and drying your face, apply some of the gel on all over your face. Leave it on for a few seconds so the product has time to work on your skin. Then, gently exfoliate your face in a circular motion; it's going to turn into a white milky liquid with little white things coming off. Guess what? It's your dead skin cells!! That's a plus that you get to see all the bad stuff come off of your skin! Rinse your face with lukewarm water, and your skin will be sooooo smooth and radiant.
Price: $48 It's pretty pricey, but I think it's an awesome exfoliater, but I wish it was less, however, it does lasts you a long time.
Quality: It does such a good job at exfoliating, extremely gentle, yet removes the dead skin on your face to reveal a smoother skin.
Smell: It has a pleasant smell of, clean water. The smell doesn't bother me, I think it's similar to "unscented" things.
Texture: It has a clear liquidy consistency, like a liquidy gel. It's easy to smooth on your face.
Packaging: The packaging is simple, but I love it! Simple is the best, and the pump is... unique? Haha... ^_^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Haul: TheFaceShop

I also visited TheFaceShop. It's a Korean brand of cosmetics, but its quite expensive though. I think it's more of a high end brand endorsed by Song Hye Kyo and all... Anyways! It was nice to go in there and explore. I did decide to buy some things when I left. I bought a total of 5 things, and I even received a gift bag for putting makeup and brushes! I bought: Pure Water Facial Mist-Jeju Flower, Herb Day Cleansing Wipes, Quick & Clean Blemish Balm (BB Cream), and 2 Quick & Clean Mild Foam Wash. So let's do a quick over view of the products, shall we?

Pure Facial Mist-Jeju Flower
"Flowers from Jeju Island to soothe your skin: Formulated with the pristine waters and flower extracts of beautiful Jeju Island, this pure water facial mist helps soothe and calms inflamed skin."
"DIRECTIONS: Use daily, after washing face and whenever a burst of energizing refreshment is desired. Holding the bottle away from your face, close your eyes and mist from forehead to neck in a smooth sweeping motion and let dry. This pure water facial mist can be applied over make up or onto bare skin."
70 ml/2.36 fl. oz.

I actually bought this for my mom because she said she needed a facial spray in the morning to "energize" her skin and to awaken her. Well, hopefully she'll like this. It's a little small though and a little pricey. It comes in 3 different scents: Orange, Marine, and Flower. It smells really nice! A light floral refreshing smell that lingers without causing a headache. I might borrow it from my mom once in a while to test it out and I might do a review on it if I decide to. Hope she likes this!
Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
"Saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with Botanic extracts and Rosemary extracts that purifies the skin, these convenient facial cleansing wipes purify the skin while cleansing it gently."
"DIRECTIONS: Gently wipe face in light sweeping motion, from the center of the face outward."
20 or 70 sheets

I've been meaning to get facial wipes for a long time. The previous ones that I had were too harsh for my skin, so it made me break out and all. Hopefully these will be gentle! They smell really refreshing, fresh, and with a touch of fresh herbs. I think this will be convenient to have everywhere I go when I sweat a lot, especially during the summer! I'll do a review on this once I've decided what to say about it.
Quick & Clean Blemish Balm (BB Cream)
"Formulated with our enhanced Quick'n Clear Complex and Malt extract, this oil-free protective moisturizer soothes the skin while providing natural coverage to hide flaws."
"DIRECTIONS: After your usual daily skincare routine, smooth a small amount over entire face."
35 ml/1.18 fl. oz.
So I bought this BB cream from the line "Quick & Clean"; the "(acne) trouble-minimizing line" from TheFaceShop. Hopefully this will be a good BB cream for my skin because I've tried some, but there's something about them that I didn't like. Hopefully this will be what I'm looking for. It has a really clean, nice, and zesty smell, so it's a plus that it doesn't smell like makeup. However, this does not have SPF... I guess that's for the oil-free part. I don't wear makeup, so it's rare that I'll use this. I usually where light makeup when there is a special occasion or something. Yay for au natural light makeup! I'll definitely be looking forward to using this.
Quick & Clean Mild Foam Wash
"This refreshing wash formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil, and Chamomile Extract gently washes away debris, makeup and excess sebum while comforting skin exhausted by the elements. Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean with the revitalizing fragrance of Tea Tree."
"DIRECTIONS: Mix a fair amount in palms with a little water and work into a rich later gently massage over face and rinse thoroughly."145 ml/4.9 fl. oz.

I have so many face washes already, but the lady said this was really good for acne. I'm not really crazy about the liquidy gel-like face washes because... well, I've never liked them. Hopefully this will changed my mind about them and cure my acne. It smells so refreshing.. kind of like citrus zest or something. I'll definitely be doing a review for this later.

I did get a free bag to put my stuff and brushes in! It's a really convenient bag with a big compartment to put make-up in, places to put your brush, not too big not too small, and a nice handle too!

Location: Just about anywhere in Vietnam. (In the big shopping malls)