Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: The Face Shop "Happy Chu Lip"

Rating:  8  out of 10
Color: PK105
Me: I love multi-tasking products! I really like the moisturizing aspect of this and the wash of color it gives. Its perfect to carry it around and just apply on because it's moisturizing, yet it still gives you a pretty wash of color! I personally love this because of the color, its a great pink and makes my lips look very plump!
Repurchase: Yes, in a different color! (I think the red would be very pretty!)
How-to: Just put this on top of your bare lips for a slight pink milky color!
Price: $8; not too bad, but more on the pricey side just for like a tinted lip balm. However, it does last quite a while, so that's good!
Quality: This definitely has the concept of a colored lip butter. Its texture is like a lip balm, but it also does give a decent about of color! It's quite moisturizing actually, but it doesn't leave your lips super nourished and hydrated. The color is very nice because it's a slight tint, yet buildable, and it jazzes up your lip color just slightly. **The only downside to this particular color is that it shows the lines and how chapped your lips are! It's probably because it's a 'milky' color... :(
Smell: I quite like the smell! It has this kinda sweet-floral-fruity smell to it, and I really really like the smell! You can't smell it once you put it on though!
Texture: This is quite moisturizing, it's almost like a lip balm, however its not super balmy or anything. Although it stays on your lips, and keeps them hydrated, once it wears off, your lips don't stay very moisturized like a lip balm would do.
Packaging: The packaging is quite nice! Small, easy to carry around. The packaging is simple, yet very cute. Cute and practical.

I couldn't find a link to where you could purchase this online, but I bought mine at the actual Face Shop store, so maybe check yours if you have one around you! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Thank you everyone who joined my giveaway! Woo, that was not as easy as I thought! Using random.org, I put all the entries in and it came up with the number 8.  My computer had a glitch, and it deleted my original giveaway post, but thank goodness there was still a cache copy on google: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:W8PapYUgDygJ:withoutwordsforyou.blogspot.com/2012/06/2-year-anniversary-giveaway.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
Using this, I counted entry number 8, and it was......
Jenny from CrystalLuvz!
Congratulations, please email me back in 5 days! 
Thank you so much everyone! <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 Year Anniversary Giveaway - Repost...

Hello everyone!
This will be my very first giveaway! 
Thank you so much for all the support these past two years, it really means a lot to me because it's what keeps me going. I know my blog is still small, but hopefully it will grow for the next coming years. This is my gift to you, as a thank you note for everything. So let's get on to the giveaway ^_^

1 x Origins "A Perfect World" Cleanser 
12 x Masks (My Scheming, FaceQ, My Beauty Diary, The Face Shop)
2 x Juicy Couture Body Wash and Perfume 
2 x The Face Shop Sample Sets
1 x Avon Lip Gloss
1 x Bath & Body Works "HandiBac: Twilight Woods" Lotion
1 x DDF "Acne Control Treatment"

1. Must be a follower of this blog. (+1) New or old!

2. Comment down below with.....
- Name
- Email
- What country you're from

3. Additional Entries (Please provide links as well)
- Re post this on your blog as an actual blog post (+2)
- Add to your blog roll (+1)
- Any type of social media; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. (+1)

This giveaway will last until July 1, 2012!

Thank you so much for all the support! 
Good luck!

NOTE: For some reason, the post got deleted... So I'm just reposting this.... 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stay tuned for a giveaway!

Hopefully by the end of this week, I'll have time to take pics and write the post for a little giveaway!
My very first giveaway! Most likely international as well!
This is in celebration of my blog's 2nd birthday! May 30.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: The Face Shop "E'thym O2 Water Aura Cream"

 Hello everyone! Woo, I'm on a roll with blogging now! Hopefully I can get a lot more done during the summer since there won't be school and such. Summer here is so hot, and all year round, it's pretty dry. I have combination skin, and it gets pretty dry in the winter, and this was definitely a life saver for me last winter. And for those around the other side of the globe, winter is approaching, so you might want to check this out.
The Face Shop has really opened up globally and I see it's stores all across America now, so that's a plus because you can easily get it around you now possibly!
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin type: Any; not extremely oily skin, great for dry skin and normal skin.
Me: I have combination skin that gets dry in the winter, so I need something that will moisturize without making me oily. Even in the summer when my skin has one of those 'dry' days, this feels extremely nice after popping it in the fridge... sooo refreshing. And I love how this is a very natural product, so you know your skin is getting good stuff.
Repurchase: Yes! I would definitely repurchase this when I run out.
How-to: After washing your face, applying toner, and apply this on. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY! ***I would recommend this as a night moisturizer, but if you have dry skin, daytime would be fine too!
Price: I don't remember the price, sorry! But I believed it was around $20-30 or so, maybe more on the pricey side of things I think... But if you think about it, you really only use a little bit, so this could last you for quite a while!
Quality: It's a really great moisturizer cause immediately you can feel how plump and moisturized your skin is, and your skin feels fresh and not heavy at all. However, for oilier skin, you have to be careful, cause it can make you look oilier if you use too much.
Smell: It smells very fresh. It reminds me of water... even though water doesn't have a smell, but it just reminds me of something very fresh and light.
Texture: It feels like a VERY THICK cream (yet 'watery'), and you think it's gonna make you oily and clog your pores, but it really doesn't. Since being a thick cream, you only need the tiniest bit for your whole face, and once applied, it feels great. Your skin feels very plump, moisturized, and fresh. It definitely seals in all the moisture of your skin without it feeling heavy.
Packaging: The packaging is a thick glass jar. Not the most sanitary, but I really love the design of the jar and the mint color. The cap actually 'snaps' when twisted, so you know it's completely sealed.
Amount: 60 ml. / 2.02 fl. oz.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Top 5 Polishes for the Summer!

 Hello everyone! Summer is here, and it is incredibly hot where I live... however, since it's summer, the suns out, and its time to show off all your toes and nails, I think it's time for some fun colors. I love wearing all sorts of colors for the summer, especially brighter colors; they're so happy! Here's a pick of my top 5 favorite colors for the summer that you might be interested in trying as well! 

(Left to Right)
1. Revlon "474 Kiss Me Coral"
2. Revlon "007 Sheer Blossom"
3. Essie "719 Splash of Grenadine"
4. OPI "Peach-A-Boo!"
5. Pure Ice "Super Star"
^Swatch of all the colors in order^

1. This color is very tropical because it's a sheer coral with a fine hot pink shimmer. Since this is a sheer color, it's very easy to wear in the summer. I love the different 'colors' this polish gives off; it could be a coral orange or a coral hot pink.
Me: Toe color; 2-3 coats

2. This color is VERY sheer/translucent. It could be worn alone as just a hint on pink or it could be put on a very opaque color to give it a pink tint. I like how it makes my nails look 'clean' because it's pretty much a natural color. There is a little bit of silver shimmer, but very few, so you can't really see them.
Me: Nail color, 2-3 coats.

3. I recently bought this color, and I am in love already! It's such a pretty purple color! It reminds me orchids; favorite flower! It's very bright, yet still very wearable. This color is quite opaque, so the number of coats just build up on it's fullness in color.  1 coat is enough for a opaque finish that's a light orchid purple , 2 coats gives it a full purple that is very opaque, and 3 coats just makes it a darker purple.
***Fun idea: Try using this color doing a french tip! A peek of fun! ;)
Me: Nail color, 1 or 2 coats / Toe color, 2 coats.

4.  This color is also VERY sheer/translucent. It could be worn alone as a natural shimmer nail color or it could be put on top another color for a shimmer effect (matching base colors). The color itself is a light peach base with fine pink/peach shimmers. The more coats just mean the more shimmer!
***Fun idea: Try putting this on top of a classical white french tip for a summer tint! 
Me: Nail color, 1-3 coats.

5. Just for the classic french tip OR designs (polka dots) for your nails. I love wearing french tips for the summer because it looks incredibly clean, and not as heavy as full-on polishes. I found this the other day, and it was super cheap, like $2 or something? And it's great for french tips because it's opaque, not too runny or thick, dries quickly, and last a long time!
Me: Nails or Toes, 1-2 coats.

What are your favorite colors for the summer? 
Please comment below, I would love to know! ^_^

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Melliesh "Lip Gloss: 06 Candy Pink"

 Remember this pretty thing I got a while back from a giveaway? I've actually been using it enough to make a review on it! Even though it's already well known.... I really love this gloss because it's pigmented and the color is just so pretty! I've practically been wearing this gloss by its own almost everyday, LOVE!

Rating:  9  out of 10
Color: No. 6 Candy Pink
Me: I don't really use any lip products other than balms, but when I do, I usually wear lip glosses. And this one is definitely one of my favorite because it actually has color and not just 'glossy'!  I like how its like the perfect 'baby pink' color that I think will be flattering for all. I like how it's not sticky, and it's like the perfect color for springtime!
Repurchase: Maybe in a different color!
How-to: Just put this on top of your bare lips for a pretty milky pink color! **You might want to apply a balm or something before because it kinda brings out the lines in your lips/chapped skin if you're not careful.
Price: $15-18; It's a little pricey for such a small product, but then again, this is based on US prices and this is a Japanese product....
Quality: This is the most pigmented lip gloss I've ever used. You can actually see the PINK when you apply it and it's just not clear. There are no sparkles or anything, so it looks pretty natural as well. It's defiantly not sticky; I feel like it's a cross between a stain and a gloss because it stays on for a quite a while too!
Smell: No smell!
Texture: This lip gloss is not sticky, even though it may feel like it when you just put it on/out of the tube. Slowly, it kinda becomes just a lip stain.
Packaging: This gloss is a lot smaller than most of your usual lipglosses. Very simple packaging, just a pink tube and a black top with 'Melliesh' printed on it and some gold accents on the cap. The applicator just looks like your typical applicator, however, the brush itself is a little bigger than most normal ones.
Amount: 10 ml. / .34 fl. oz.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Massive Mask Haul! - My Scheming & My Beauty Diary

As you can tell, this mask haul is a lot bigger than the last one...
 Warning: PIC HEAVY! 

Woo! I'm super excited to do this post! My mom came back from NY, and she bought me all these masks including some other skincare items, but these were definitely the star of them all! The last haul consisted of mostly My Beauty Diary masks, but this time, it's mostly My Scheming! Both brands are very well known for their masks, and I've only tried one My Scheming mask, and I really liked it! Some people prefer My Scheming over My Beauty Diary, but we'll just have to see!
Let's go into details about the haul!
My Scheming - Hydrating
 ~ Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask
~ Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask (2x)
I think these masks should be really nice for the wintertime when my skin is just super dry because of the cold and dry weather. I'm sure both of these masks will help in improving skin's suppleness and plumpness as well.
My Scheming - Whitening
 ~ Caviar Whitening Mask
~ Arbutin Whitening Mask
~ Pearl Whitening Mask
~ Silk Collagen Whitening Mask
First things first, whitening should not be associated with bleaching and trying to be 'super pale'... Whitening has so do with improving your skin's luminosity and clarity, and making it look 'translucent'. Like healthy and dewy skin; plus it can help with lightening any scars you have as well. I know the My Beauty Diary's Arbutin Whitening mask is really well known for its effectiveness, and I'm curious to see how this one will work out! I hope these masks will help to lighten up my acne scars! 

My Scheming - Mixed
 ~ Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask
~ Pentadecpeptide + Amino Mask
~ Deep Ocean Water Saccharide Isomerate Mask
~ Deep Cleaning Pore Minimizing Mask
I have no clue what some of these are for... but I'm really excited to try the deep cleansing one! All of these sound really interesting and cool, haha!

My Beauty Diary - Mixed
 ~ Bird's Nest Mask
~  Aloe Vera Mask
~ Pearl Powder Mask
~ Black Pearl Mask
Finally got the highly-raved black pearl mask! Can't wait to use it! I love the Bird's Nest one, so 'yay' for another box! Aloe will be good as a refreshment mask during the summertime after I pop it in the fridge ^__^

Loose Masks
~ Black Pearl Mask
~ Q10 Mask
~ Pearl Powder Mask
~ Apple Polyphenol Mask
~ Aloe Vera + Vitamin E mask
~ Aloe Vera Mask
~ Bird's Nest Mask
 These masks were the ones that couldn't fix in, so my mom took the boxes away, haha! I'm so happy I got more of the Apple Polyphenol mask because it is my FAVORITE mask of all time! I will probably use these first since they're out of the boxes ^__^

I hope you enjoyed this post! And I'll try to get reviews done ASAP! Thanks for stopping by!

What's your favorite mask?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming post....

MASSIVE mask haul... and this one is gonna be HUGE; be prepared.
I hope everyone is having a good day :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Pop Beauty "Aqua Lacquer - Melted Peach"

Song Addiction: Rolling in the Deep by Adele. 
Anyways! This is was in my Fall Haul like wayyyy back, but I finally got around to reviewing it! This is like one of the first Pop items I've tried, and I have to say, it's pretty good! I love how different it is from almost every other lip glosses; it's just very unique! It's great for the upcoming spring/summer because it's such a pretty and light gloss!
Rating: 8 out of 10
Color: Melted Peach
Me: I usually hate wearing any lip products because I don't like the feeling of it, and it's just too troublesome! But when I do, this is probably one of my favorite lip glosses. I love how watery and non-sticky it is, and because of the mint, it cools your lips and adds a little plumping effect. This looks great on top of a lipstick too because it adds a little pretty shine :) 
Repurchase: Yes; I would definitely love to try this in a different color!
How-to: Just put this on top of your bare lips or on top of a lipstick/stain for a pretty shine!
Price: $14; I think it is a tad pricey, but not over the top pricey because this is like a drugstore brand almost. Do I think it's worth it? ...not really actually; It's not something that's super glam; it's just a normal everyday lip gloss.
Quality: It leaves your lips soooo moisturized, and it lasts a very long time! I wore this and then I accidentally fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was still on! The only thing I really don't like is the color pay-off; you can barely tell the difference on your lips! You can see very fine shimmers in the tube, but you can't really see them on your lips.
Smell: It has a sweet minty smell that's not too strong! Very soothing scent that's not totally in-your-face.
Texture: This gloss is very watery! It feels a little sticky when you apply it on, but once its on your lips, you can't feel that it's sticky at all! Feels like nothing!
Packaging: The packaging style is very unique because it's in a tube, but it has an applicator too! The applicator is super duper cool because it's like a spatula! Its very easy to use, and great for the gloss texture itself because you'll never get too much on your lips. And the tube is very sturdy and convenient to carry around! 
Amount: 10 ml. / .34 fl. oz.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: EcoTools "Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set"

It's March already!! Time flies! It's almost time for the summer time or spring break and traveling is something that a lot people will be doing during those breaks! So here's a review on a travel set of the EcoTool's brush set for eye makeup. Let's get started! 
Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Me: Now who doesn't like convenience?! This was actually my first "brush set" and it really did me well because everything is just very basic and easy to carry around. I currently own a lot of EcoTools brushes and they're soooo soft; I love them! I always have this mini brush roll with me whenever I travel or go somewhere because it's small and it just contains very basic tools.
How-to: On the back of the original packaging, it lists the brushes and their uses, but I wanted to share how I use these brushes too!
    Blend: This is one bigggg brush! It's like almost the same size as my thumb! If you try to blend with this brush, all your eye make-up literally goes away... Unless you're packing on a solid dark color, this brush is terrible for blending. HOWEVER! For travel I like to use this to apply BLUSH even though its small, it's easy to blend the blush around!
       Highlight: I personally would use this brush for BLENDING because it's just like your typical fluffy-blending-brush! It does a pretty good job at blending and giving a soft effect.
       Crease: BEST BRUSH in this whole roll! It's so easy to use to do your crease because it's at an angle so it creates the perfect shape. I love love love this brush!
       Shade:  This is quite small for a shading brush because you can't really pack on a whole lot of color or anything. It's good for applying color on your lids or smudging. 
       Smudge:  This is a decent brush for smudging because it does the job, but it's just a little too fluffy to get a good control of 'smudging'. 
Price: $7.99; that is a really good price for this set because it has your essentials and the brush quality is really soft! *Don't forget any coupons or promotions so you can get this at a cheaper price!
Quality: The brushes are soooooo soft and the handles are really nice as well, I really like
that they have the different brush names imprinted on the side.
Size: 6 brushes
Packaging: The packaging of the brush set itself is really convenient because it folds out to a section with the brushes (each held by a stretchy band) and it has a small rectangular mirror (the mirror isn't very clear).  The canvas material gets dirty really easily and looks really bad after a while, so you have to wash it... It's really easy to take around though because it's small and contains really basic things.

Overall: If you're a beginner or someone that just doesn't wear a lot of makeup, this MIGHT be a good little set to take with you just to have brushes to use at your convenience when you do wear make-up. But if you already have many brushes and stuff; you should SKIP this.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Korres "Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturiser"

Hi everyone!
I'm super ready to review this moisturizer cause I really love this! It's like perfect for combination skin; perfect! I've had this since like mid-November and I'm almost halfway through! I remember first hearing about this in one of BubzBeauty's favorite videos, so I kept that in mind and finally went to go get it when I ran out of moisturizer! Well, follow up on the review!
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin type: Any; great for combination!
Me: I use this only at night because I use my Benefit moisturizer with SPF in the morning, but you could and night if you'd like! The thing about this moisturizer, is that it's really good for combination! It moisturizes my dry areas (cheeks) and it slightly moisturizes my oily T-zone without making it super oily or sticky! I love how light weight is is, and the way it smells is heavenly! I'm really excited to try more Korres products :)
Repurchase: Yes! Unless I find something that's better for moisturizing at night, I'm definitely going to buy another one when I run out!
How-to: After washing your face, applying toner, apply this on! Try to just dip your finger into it once to prevent less contamination. 
Price: $32; not that expensive, but not cheap either. I would say it's pretty good for the price because it has lasted me for about 5 months or so?
Quality: It's a really really great moisturizer for combination skin because it moisturizes dry skin and doesn't make oily parts oilier. ** If you're dry-combination, this might be not enough moisture in the winter time.
Smell: It smells super nice! I really love the scent. It's super fresh and light. It smells like sweet pomegranate? I just really like the smell... makes me happy ^_^
Texture: Its not really a watery cream, but it's not super thick either... It's is more "water-like" though. You can't really tell about the "gel" aspect though, but it's very watery and it's like "cooling". It's super light because it sinks into your skin like immediately.
Packaging: The packaging is a thick glass jar. Not the most sanitary, but the color is really cool... haha!
Amount: 1.25 oz
Sephora: http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P305109&categoryId=B70

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Haul: Pink and Sparkles!

Haven't done a haul in a while :) Taking advantage of Ulta's 20% coupon and this is what I bought. I realized that like everything was a hue of pink, how funny! So far, I'm really happy with these purchases because they're so pretty! Let's get to the haul!

NYX Glitter Cream Palette - Bronze Goddess ($5.99)
~ I'm super surprised on how easy it is to use this! It gives such a festive touch to any look! The glitters may look big; but you cannot feel them on your eye at all! I really love the middle color; it's so pretty!
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter - Peach Parfait ($7.49)
~ There were so many mixed reviews out there; but I eventually decided to get one because this color just really appealed to me. I really like this line because there are so many color selections! It may seem really moisturizing when you put it on; but on the long run, it does not moisturize your lips! The color on the other hand; is very pretty. This color is like the natural color of your lips with pretty shimmers. I really love the color and the packaging!

Revlon Polishes
Revlon Nail Enamel ($4.99)
- 474 Kiss Me Coral
~ This is such a bright color for me... I don't really like it; but I'll give it a try.
- 011 Sheer Rose
~ I LOVE this color! It's so pretty! Its like the perfect nude color for me because it's not all that 'brown' It's like perfect for the colder season! I love this color a lot!
- 007 Sheer Blossom
~ LOVE! It's such a pretty color as well! I actually have it on my nails right now :) It's like the perfect baby pink. I actually like how sheer it is because it looks very natural and cute. This polish does have some fine sparkles in it; it's so pretty.

Other Polishes
China Glaze 961 - 108 Degrees ($7.00)
~ Another really bright color, but I'll see how it looks....
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 230 Sweetie Pie ($3.99)
~ First things first, I love the packaging. It's like the prettiest packaging ever! The bottle itself has like cuts at the bottom so it looks like a gem. The color I thought i would really love; but there's something about it that didn't give me that 'wow' factor. It's still a really pretty creamy coral though!
OPI Nail Lacquer - Peach a Boo ($8.99)
~ I am in love with this color! This does have to go on top of another color, but it's so pretty! It's a very translucent color with peachy shimmers. The shimmers are also very iridescent; ranging from a peach to a pink color. I love wearing it under a light pink.  
ULTA Nail Lacquer - Glitter Top Coat ($7.50)
~ This glitter polish isn't one that's jammed packed with glitter, and surprisingly I really like it! It adds just a little sparkle to bling up any polish! The formula itself is not thick; which is good. The sparkles in this is also not too chunky!
Rimmel - Base Coat Top Coat Pro ($3.99)
~ Two in one! It's really easy to use because the applicator is very unique; it's like two applicators in one. Which makes sense because you want to do it fast! Sadly, it doesn't make the color of the polish super shinny like my other top coat; but that's okay because it does prevent chipping for a while!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a good day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Years!

Happy Chinese New Years everybody! 

It's the year of the Dragon this year. Wishing you and your family good luck for the new year! May this new year bring you joy, happiness, and laughter! ^_^
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Chuc Mung Nam Moi!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Benefit "Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++"

Pretty packaging!
 Yay! Finally got the time to sit down and start posting reviews again! I actually got this not too too long ago, around November?I bought a whole bunch of different moisturizers because I was completely out! I'll try to review all of them if I can... I remember when Benefit just came out with their skin care line "B. Right!" and I was totally drooling over everything because the packaging was just so pretty and I've always been a big fan of Benefit products ^_^ Finally got around to trying this out; and I actually really like it!

Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin type: Any; great for combination!
Me: I love multitasking products; and this one is it! This is probably one of my favorite moisturizers with SPF because it's so light yet moisturizing! This oil-free moisturizer is also great for my combination skin because it's moisturizing enough, but it doesn't make me shiny (except for a little bit in the summer). I've always been a big fan of Benefit, and honestly, when they came out with their skincare line, I was super happy! I was going to initially purchase their full-on moisturizer; but that thing is thick! That might be good for very cold and dry climate though, but not where I live! I use this in the mornings and it's super easy to get everything I need in the morning ^_^
Repurchase: Yes! It's a great moisturizer, and I haven't tried anything like it yet! It's light, moisturizing, and it has SPF.
How-to: After washing your face in the morning, use toner/serum, and apply this on your face and neck for your morning moisturizer and sunscreen! You can use more sunscreen if you need, but SPF 15 seems adequate for indoors and little sun exposure. *** I use about 2-3 pumps each time.
Price: $28; It's not the cheapest, but reasonably affordable.
Quality: It's super lightweight, oil-free, and contains SPF! It's a great moisturizer!
Smell: It has a really light and fresh scent; cucumber-like. All the items in the Benefit skincare line all have a similar smell and it's quite soothing. Nothing too heavy; very light and pleasant.
Texture: Emulsions are usually very light and watery, but this comes out more like a lotion/cream. Not thick, but enough to hold the consistency. It feels great in the morning because when my face is still moist, it coolingly sinks in :) One word: Light-cream.
Packaging: I love the packaging for the whole line! Super cute and it fits nicely! It has a cork-like cap (it's plastic) and the pump is very easy to control. The bottle design is very unique, however it is a tad inconvenient because of the wide bottom; a little unbalanced. However, I love how unique it is :)
Amount: 1.7 fl. oz. / 50.3 ml.

Please comment below and follow! ^_^