Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: EcoTools "Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set"

It's March already!! Time flies! It's almost time for the summer time or spring break and traveling is something that a lot people will be doing during those breaks! So here's a review on a travel set of the EcoTool's brush set for eye makeup. Let's get started! 
Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Me: Now who doesn't like convenience?! This was actually my first "brush set" and it really did me well because everything is just very basic and easy to carry around. I currently own a lot of EcoTools brushes and they're soooo soft; I love them! I always have this mini brush roll with me whenever I travel or go somewhere because it's small and it just contains very basic tools.
How-to: On the back of the original packaging, it lists the brushes and their uses, but I wanted to share how I use these brushes too!
    Blend: This is one bigggg brush! It's like almost the same size as my thumb! If you try to blend with this brush, all your eye make-up literally goes away... Unless you're packing on a solid dark color, this brush is terrible for blending. HOWEVER! For travel I like to use this to apply BLUSH even though its small, it's easy to blend the blush around!
       Highlight: I personally would use this brush for BLENDING because it's just like your typical fluffy-blending-brush! It does a pretty good job at blending and giving a soft effect.
       Crease: BEST BRUSH in this whole roll! It's so easy to use to do your crease because it's at an angle so it creates the perfect shape. I love love love this brush!
       Shade:  This is quite small for a shading brush because you can't really pack on a whole lot of color or anything. It's good for applying color on your lids or smudging. 
       Smudge:  This is a decent brush for smudging because it does the job, but it's just a little too fluffy to get a good control of 'smudging'. 
Price: $7.99; that is a really good price for this set because it has your essentials and the brush quality is really soft! *Don't forget any coupons or promotions so you can get this at a cheaper price!
Quality: The brushes are soooooo soft and the handles are really nice as well, I really like
that they have the different brush names imprinted on the side.
Size: 6 brushes
Packaging: The packaging of the brush set itself is really convenient because it folds out to a section with the brushes (each held by a stretchy band) and it has a small rectangular mirror (the mirror isn't very clear).  The canvas material gets dirty really easily and looks really bad after a while, so you have to wash it... It's really easy to take around though because it's small and contains really basic things.

Overall: If you're a beginner or someone that just doesn't wear a lot of makeup, this MIGHT be a good little set to take with you just to have brushes to use at your convenience when you do wear make-up. But if you already have many brushes and stuff; you should SKIP this.


  1. good products. I have the 5 piece brush set one :) i like the idea that they state it there what's the function of each brush :D

  2. i agree! i'm going to check that out :)
    thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. $7.99 is a really great price for a set of good quality brushes! I have never seen brushes going for so cheap over here, and even if the price is good the quality usually isn't >.<

  4. that is very true! :) ecotools brushes are amazing in quality, and the prices are pretty low! (esp when they're on sale!) ^_^

  5. looks amazing following u....