Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haul: Skinfood

Hello there! I'm finally back from Vietnam! And of course... I went shopping. I bought lots and lots of things because they were really cheap! It was hard to find Skinfood there, but I eventually did it. I was so happy when I got these things! Hopefully they will work on my skin so I can get more later. Well enough chitty chatting, here are the things I got from Skinfood:I purchased a total of 5 items: Fresh Aloe Vera Pack, Black Sesame Hot Mask, Rice Mask Wash-off, Black Sugar Mask Wash-off, and the Peach Sake Pore Serum. The lady was really nice, and she even gave me 3 samples! She gave me the: Agave Cactus Cream (light), Salmon Brightening Eye Cream, and the Green Tea Milk Cleansing Foam (fresh). I can't wait to try these!
Fresh Aloe Pack:"SKINFOOD Fresh Aloe Pack: A soothing pack with Aloe Extracts, providing moisture and hydration to dry skin."
To use: Evenly apply to the face with circular movements for 30 seconds. Leave it for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water."

100 g
I haven't been able to use this yet, but once I have, I'll definitely do a review on this. It has a very fresh smell... kind of like a cucumber face wash smell. It has a slushy consistency and kinda sticky too.
Black Sesame Hot Mask:"SKINFOOD Black Sesame Hot Mask: Warm heat mask with salt and sugar powder to deep cleanse wastes in rough skin with accumulated keratin and with nutritious black sesame powder to make smooth skin."
To use: Apply an appropriate amount to moist face after washing, particularly to areas rich in keratin. Avoid an eye area and massage in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water after 3-5 minutes."

100 g
This mask seems really cool that it heats up to cleanse your pores... hmm. It's a really messy mask, with a really earthy smell and a touch of black sesame.
Rice Mask Wash-off:
"SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash off: Mask with nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture." "To use: After cleansing, gently massage over dry face. Avoid eye area. Rinse off."
100 g
I've heard a lot of good things about this mask, so I think it should be a hit. It has a really clean ricey smell to it.
Black Sugar Mask Wash-off:"SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash off: Black sugar mask with rich minerals and vitamin to provide luster and smoothness to skin."
To use: After cleansing, gently massage over wet face. Avoid eye area. Rinse off."
100 g

I think this is more like an exfoliater with the sugar. It has a sweet citrus smell... black sugar?? Hopefully this will be a good exfoliater for my skin because I still haven't found one that matches my skin.
Peach Sake Pore Serum:"SKINFOOD Peach Sake Pore Serum (for pore care): Soft serum with 'sake', traditional Japanese wine brewed with rigidly selected rice, and 'peach' extracts rich in vitamin A and C to remove greasiness due to enlarged pores and excessive sebum."
45 ml
If you have enlarged pores, than more dirt will be caught in those pores, causing acne and breakouts. With this serum, your pores will become smaller, so your acne problems will hopefully become better. Yay for peach! It has a really really really nice peach and sake smell that's just like heaven!

Location: 68/7D Tran Quang Khai, Q1, HCM
Tiffany's Store:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wishlist: Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Hello from...Vietnam! Haha, its been a long time since I've posted something. ^_^ Recently, I've seen quite a few articles about this cute little camera! Not only is it fashionable, but it's so cute!! Ah, I want this for highschool myself... I think it would be super cute to have a scrapbook of memories in highschool using this camera. Aww, the pictures would so cute with this camera! However, it's kind of a pain taking one of these around with you... I don't know, but I think taking pictures with this camera would be so much fun, and the pictures would be "instant"; keeping the memories of that moment... I need to start saving for this camera now.
Did I mention? This camera looks familiar...

Why... It's from the Korean drama "You're Beautiful"
Ah... It's so cute! This makes it so much cuter...
Lots of SNSD girls use this too!

(As seen on their review on Fujifilm's Instax Mini Pink Polaroid Camera)
This is getting too tempting! Kawaii ^_^