Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolution

2010 is gone and 2011 is facing us now. Wow, I can't believe that this year is gone already, and truthfully, I've wasted so much time. "One minute being mad is 60 seconds lost of happiness." I've heard this quote before, but I'm not sure if that's how it goes, but I think it's something like that. I think this is a great quote...Hm, that's something to add to my resolution. I have a few resolutions that I would like to share with everyone, maybe these might help make yours! The reason why I'm putting this up, is to actually keep track of it. I feel like if I write it down, then I'll remember it, and I feel that whatever I post on here is the truth; so this helps me to stay true and be myself. Well! Let's get started!

1. Have a better attitude; I've had a bad temper sometimes, and I know that that makes others around me unhappy too. So now, I'll think things first, thinking doesn't that that long!
2. Stop buying unnecessary things/Don't go shopping so much; I feel that this year I've spent a lot of money on things. I tell myself after not to buy anything else, but I end up doing it. So hopefully, I can save more money this year, and think twice about bigger purchases.
3. Take better care of myself; I sometimes forget to wash my face or something before I sleep cause I'm so tired, hopefully I can go to bed cleaner!
4. Have more confidence; Sometimes, I'm afraid to do things and make mistakes. But it's always good to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself! Remember, we all have something special about ourselves!
5. Use up all the products I have; I have so many 'extras' and I just keep on buying! Hopefully I can use up one product before I buy another one.
6. Blog more; I know I don't keep this updated often, but I'll try to blog at least one a week, and if I don't, I'll make up for it later!
7. Get more organized; I don't clean often, but when I do, it takes forever. I don't have time when it's close to finals and all, so I just leave stuff there. I'll clean more often, and keep things better organized.
8. Treasure everything I have; I know we all throw fits about what we want and don't have. But there are others that don't even have food and the necessities in life, so I'll treasure everything I have and reward myself when I'm able to. *Treasure the people I love more.
9. Get in shape; Over the holidays, I've packed on some weight, so my goal will be to get more active and in shape. Hopefully keep at a happy weight that's healthy and makes me happy. (Lose like 5-10 lbs.?) Drink more water and green tea, eat healthier, and stay away from fast food.
10. Time management; I stay up too much getting stuff done and during the day I was doing something else non-related. So I need more sleep! I'll try to get things done faster this year, and don't get so distracted.
11. Don't give up! I will try try try so hard to keep this up, and never give up on anything.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Skinfood "Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash off"

I think this is the last of all my Skinfood products! Or maybe I have more, but I'll just do this one since I've been meaning to do it for ever now! I never thought of kiwi as being a mask because it's not very typical. But this is definitely surprising, I didn't think much of it until I used it!
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Any skin type
Me: I've never even thought of kiwi being a skin care product! I got this and my "Papaya Yogurt Mask" at the same time, and I thought the Papaya one would work better, but this actually came out better on my skin! The first time I used this, my skin was dull, and really acne prone, super red, an I was just so sick of it! When I put this on, it was immediately refreshing (cold) and afterward, my skin was a lot better than before. It definitely helped my skin cleansing out my pores, reduced sebum, and gently exfoliates my skin.
How to: After cleansing your face, scoop up small amounts at a time and spread it on your face. After covering your face with a nice layer (not too thin or thick), massage your face so the beads can gently exfoliate your face. After about a minute or two of exfoliating, just let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with water, massaging your face in circular motions, and and just continue the rest of your skin routine!
Price: 150,000 VND ~ $8 USD. Pretty good price I would say! On Yesstyle it is $14, but it's not a big price range, and it's still pretty cheap for this mask that will last you quite a while.
Quality: Great mask, didn't really think much of it at first, but after the first time, it totally changed my looks of it. Great for gentle exfoliating, clearing your pores, and brighten your face. (pretty good product for acne too!)
Smell: Smells super fresh, and lemon-like. It reminds me of jelly!
Texture: It has like a green smoothie consistency, not smooth but with a jelly-like consistency. It has little blue/green beads that exfoliate your face gently.
Packaging: Like most of the Skinfood masks, this comes in a nice plastic jar.
Amount: 100 ml.

Review: Skinfood "Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash-Off"

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Any
Me: I was looking forward to this mask, but I guess it's just another disappointment. Eh, it's alright. It did moisturize somewhat and help my skin, but it's not the greatest. I don't even think it removed any dead skin off my face. I don't think I'm going to repurchase this mask. I think it's great if its hot out, and this was in the fridge. This would be like an awesome treat to your skin after a hot and harsh day.
How to: After washing your face, apply this to a dry face, and gently massage the mask until some of the blue beads are gone and then leave it on your face for another 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with water, and continue with the rest of your skin routine!
Price: 150,000 VND ~ $8. Yesstyle: $18. Totally worth it, and I'm glad I got it cheaper since this isn't the mask I enjoy a lot.
Quality: The quality is alright, skin is hydrated, but not over hydrated, so that's good. I think this mask would be really good if you have normal skin and after a day of being outside, take this out from the fridge, and it's gonna be like a treatment for your skin.
Smell: Smells like yummy Asian jelly. The smell is amazing!!
Texture: Very liquidy, but not too much so it's easy to apply and massage.
Packaging: Like all the Skinfood masks, it's in a jar. Cute, but I don't think it's the best packaging for this liquidy mask.
Amount: 100 ml.

Review: DERMAdoctor "bodyGUARD" Sunscreen

Going to VN this year meant SUN. I never actually used a sunscreen for my face since some things already have SPF in it. But being in the sun all the time meant extra protection. I went to Sephora to get something for oily skin because I knew that I would sweat a lot, and I wanted my face to stay clear and not droop. This definitely did the job.
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types, great for oily.
Me: My first official sunscreen for my face, and it's awesome! It's so light, and not heavy at all. This did not break me out, or make my skin feel heavy. Lightweight, smells fine, and I can just re-apply this whenever I need! I just use it for my face and neck, and since I carried this in my bag, when my body gets way too hot before I could get normal sunscreen, I use this too!
How to: Just after putting on your moisturizer, apply this all over the face. Re-apply after about 2 hours out in the sun. It's definitely light, so I don't mind applying this in the summer!
Price: I got this at Sephora, but I think it was $26. Not bad for such an awesome sunscreen! I do use this only on my face and neck though.
Quality: Best sunscreen, SPF 30 is a great number for SPF because it's not too little, but not overpowering either ^_^ Definitely worth trying, because I don't believe that I ever broke out from using this at all.
Smell: It has a light sunscreen smell, but that doesn't bother me.
Texture: It's like a whipped cream. Wish makes it super light and easy to apply.
Packaging: It's a slim tube that's easy to carry around! It's purple, and the packaging is pretty!
Amount: 120 ml. / 4 oz.

Review: TheBodyShop "Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream"

I love trying out new things, so I decided to pick this up on Black Friday when TheBodyShop was having their sale. I've heard some good things about this, and I was super excited to try this out!
Rating: 8 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types, not really dry skin.
Me: Illuminating! That word just made me so excited! I first heard about this product from Fuz, and she said it was super illuminating! Well for me, I think it's kind of, but it's not the illuminating that you see shining from your face. I think overtime, this has made my skin better, like skin-tone, protecting, and just a healthier looking skin. It doesn't produce a lot of oil on my skin, so that's good ^_^ For me, I don't think I'm going to repurchase this one quite yet because I still want to try some other things!
How to: After washing and toning your face, apply this on! Day or night. What I usually do in the winter is kinda double up, but in the morning I always wash my face with water, and apply a nice thin layer.
Price: $18.50, but I got mine for $10! Definitely a great price when you wait for a sale. The original price is pretty decent too, and product itself is nice.
Quality: Moisturizing, and a little illuminating. After a while, I really do think it protects your face with the Vitamin E. (Vitamin E is very good for your skin.)
Smell: It smells like vitamins and baby oil! A really nice smell actually, and I don't mind it.
Texture: Soft texture, not too thick or runny. Easy to apply and your skin absorbs it well! It's a pale pink color, with a pearly look for illumination.
Packaging: It's in a jar... not the cleanest thing. But it'll be gone soon!
Amount: 50 ml. / 1.7 fl. oz.

Review: TheBodyShop "Olive Body Butter"

So it's winter, and my skin is extremely dry. My heels started to crack and my hands were way too dry. Well on Black Friday, TheBodyShop was having a special "3 for 30" And usually, this is 20 dollars! It's like 50% off, I also grabbed a few other things that I might post later. And I bought two gift sets for Christmas too! I've heard of body butters, that's they're a lot more moisturizing, and it's so true!
Rating: 8 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types, normal to dry skin.
Me: Naturally, I have dry skin on my body. A couple years ago when my friend visited me, she had body butter, and she said it was so moisturizing! She had the "Shea Butter" one, which is super moisturizing. Olive is really good for your skin too, and the smell doesn't bother me much. But I think it had too much oil in it, but maybe that's just me.
How to: I think the best time to apply moisturizer is when you get out of a shower and your pores are still open and your skin is moist so the moisturizer applies better. I spend about 5 minutes applying this to all over my body after I shower, and in the morning my skin is so soft!
Price: $20, but I got mine for $10! It was so worth it, just wait for a sale, it's not like your gonna die without this, haha.
Quality: Super moisturizing, but a little oily when you just apply it, but if you let it set, your skin is so smooth! The butter inside is so smooth!
Smell: Not my favorite smell, it's like a subtle smell. It sort of smells like a mix of olives and baby oil. Not the best smell, but it's gone after a few hours.
Texture: Totally smooth, and not sticky at all! The product itself is so buttery, smooths, and absorbs nicely.
Packaging: It's like in this jar, and you just scoop it out, kind of like butter! It gets a little slippery to close after applying it on.
Amount: 200 ml.

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