Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Melliesh "Lip Gloss: 06 Candy Pink"

 Remember this pretty thing I got a while back from a giveaway? I've actually been using it enough to make a review on it! Even though it's already well known.... I really love this gloss because it's pigmented and the color is just so pretty! I've practically been wearing this gloss by its own almost everyday, LOVE!

Rating:  9  out of 10
Color: No. 6 Candy Pink
Me: I don't really use any lip products other than balms, but when I do, I usually wear lip glosses. And this one is definitely one of my favorite because it actually has color and not just 'glossy'!  I like how its like the perfect 'baby pink' color that I think will be flattering for all. I like how it's not sticky, and it's like the perfect color for springtime!
Repurchase: Maybe in a different color!
How-to: Just put this on top of your bare lips for a pretty milky pink color! **You might want to apply a balm or something before because it kinda brings out the lines in your lips/chapped skin if you're not careful.
Price: $15-18; It's a little pricey for such a small product, but then again, this is based on US prices and this is a Japanese product....
Quality: This is the most pigmented lip gloss I've ever used. You can actually see the PINK when you apply it and it's just not clear. There are no sparkles or anything, so it looks pretty natural as well. It's defiantly not sticky; I feel like it's a cross between a stain and a gloss because it stays on for a quite a while too!
Smell: No smell!
Texture: This lip gloss is not sticky, even though it may feel like it when you just put it on/out of the tube. Slowly, it kinda becomes just a lip stain.
Packaging: This gloss is a lot smaller than most of your usual lipglosses. Very simple packaging, just a pink tube and a black top with 'Melliesh' printed on it and some gold accents on the cap. The applicator just looks like your typical applicator, however, the brush itself is a little bigger than most normal ones.
Amount: 10 ml. / .34 fl. oz.