Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wishlist: Circle lens!

I know.. I know.. the controversy that stands behind this. 
I've actually had a pair before, and they were alright. I actually got the "World Series Circle Contact Lens/Geo Tri Color Brown" (they're the same thing, just different names). LensCircle was the place I got my lens actually. I had a really great experience shopping with them! I got like promo codes, gifts, and everything! They were extremely nice about everything, woot!
The lens however....
Comfort: Was alright for the first month, but after that, it was so terrible! (maybe cause I didn't clean it, but still, it shouldn't be that bad!) Well, after each time I deep cleansed it, it was fine for like a week, but then it started to irratate my eyes. So I threw them out after like 6 months (they were suppose to last 1 year).
Color: I thought this was a really unique color, and my friend told me that it really brought out the hues of brown in my hair. I love how unique it was, but sometimes its a little too much for like daily/normal occasions. (BTW, the color is a lot more subtle on dark brown eyes than on the pictures on their websites.)
Price: I think everyone knows by now that they are a lot cheaper than normal contact lens... ^_^
Why do I want to get them again?

  • They're fun to have.
  • You get to be unique and different.
  • Convenient to have if you're contacts ran out 
  • Great to "dress up" your eyes 
  • "They're like eyeshadow for your eyeballs" ~BEAUTYQQ

 So... this time I'm thinking of ordering from PinkyParadise or YesStyle.  This time though, I'm actually thinking of getting a dark brown/grey. I want something natural yet unique. I've been eyeing a couple pair, but I'm still unsure if I really want to get them or not yet, so I'll be patient and wait a little longer until something urges me to get them.  Oh! And the "Circle Lens" Forum of soompi is super helpful for pictures or any questions you have, I am definitely not the expert on this, haha.
You've only got one pair of eyes, so treasure them. (I will take better care of my contacts!)
Don't order super humongous ones... If you're a contact wear-er already, go for a size that isn't too much of a difference from your prescribed one. (Mine are 14.2mm, so I wouldn't get anything bigger than like 14.5mm)
Well, that's it for now! I will definitely take pictures and review them IF I decide to get them. ^_^

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