Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: TheFaceShop "Quick & Clean Mild Foam Wash"

It's almost gone, yeh yeh yeh!
I just realized how long I've had this and still don't have a review for it! As you can see, it's almost gone, yay! I really loved this cleanser; rarely do I ever like a gel based cleanser. I just don't like the feeling of it after I wash it off my face. Back in July when I went to TheFaceShop, I was just going to look around cause the shop looked so clean and fresh! The salesgirl recommended this to me from their 'Quick & Clean' line which was for acne. I thank her so much for this!! I also got a bottle for my friend; I should have gotten another back-up bottle for myself! Love it! Let's go to the review!
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Normal to Oily skin, acne prone skin.
Me: I was introduced to the "Quick & Clean" line by a sales-lady that I met and she strongly suggested me to try out this line for my acne. I first tried their cleanser, and I love it!! It has really cleared up my acne; I use to have pretty severe acne on my forehead, and now it's nearly gone! I love using this during my "TOM" because it keeps my skin so clear! I usually do not like gel-based cleansers because I don't like the feeling of it afterwards, but this one, it leaves very little 'residue-feeling' to my skin. Even if it's for acne, it does not give my skin a tight feeling afterwards; moisturizing but not oily.  *Keeps my skin so clear!* 
Repurchase: YES! I'm almost running out, and I need to get another bottle, quick! Highly recommended! 
How to: After wetting your face, pump about a dime size amount, lather up with your hands/sponge/etc., and wash your face in a circular motion. (This lathers up really well!) After you're done washing your face, just wash it off, and continue with the rest of your routine! 
Price: I don't remember.... But I think it was around $10-15, or something like that. Inexpensive, and effective! The price is great for this product!
Quality: With all the high-end things I've tried, this has really done the trick for me! I truly believe that this works for acne. I believe that this a natural product as well. 
Smell: It does not have a strong scent, it just smells really fresh and clean! Not quite the regular clean 'cucumber' scent, but its a little sweet. I love the smell! (Not over-powering.)
Texture: This is a gel-based cleanser (pretty thick), but it lather and foams up really well! This leaves a really faint 'residue' feeling after washing it off, unlike other brands. I highly recommend this for the summer because its a light cleanser that really does the job!
Packaging: The bottle is pretty slim and the pump is really great! You can lock the nozzle by pressing it down, and locking it in place (great for travel!) I love the plastic, green packaging; so convenient and fresh-feeling! 
Amount: 145 ml. / 4.9 fl. oz. (It has lasted me for about 4-6 months; all you need is a dime-size!) 


  1. The Face Shop used to have a store here but it pulled out :( no access to TFS at all now booo hahaha! it lasted u for 8 months? that's awesome! the DHC bottle i use (200ml) last me only for 4 months and less XD

  2. aww! :( I wish i had one near me too, there's like nothing here!
    i'm almost done with it now! i guess i dont use it like everyday... oops, should probably change that >.< hahaha!
    but it really foams up and i love this cleanser, gotta get me another bottle!