Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Origins "Tonique Purifiant"

My first toner ever, and even though I've tried out some other ones, I always go back to this one. It really doe
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: My very first toner, and the one I'm in love with. I've tried a couple in between, but I eventually end up buying this again. I think this is my 4th bottle now. I love how it cleans my skin without leaving my skin tight. I can feel that it's helping my skin every time I use this. I love how it's 95% organic, and I also feel so good about myself after recycling this at their store when I go to pick up something else. One small thing I don't like about this toner is smell, it's a little strong in the bottle, but it smells really fresh on your face.
How to: After cleaning your face, take a circle cotton pad a put some drops onto the cotton pad. You don't want to use so much so that your face is wet. This helps to clean up any traces of dirt left just in case you missed some. I know that I really do miss some spots, esp. during the summer! I was so amazed how much was left on my face. Just swipe the cotton pad all over your face, and then apply you're moisturizer! *This is amazing when your skin is just so bad, and you just need a refresh during the day. It calms your skin too!
Price: $25. Amazing toner, and I don't have a problem with this price. One bottle could probably last you for at least 3 months if you use it right.
Quality: Best toner I've ever used. My face is so clean afterward, and it doesn't dry out my face. Sometimes when I have a really bad "under-the-skin" pimple, I press this on it, and it's not itchy or irritating anymore.
Smell: In the bottle, it has a strong smell. It smells like a strong citrus smell, but it's not really bothering to me since it doesn't leave a smell on your face.
Texture: It's just a normal liquid toner. You can easily pour it on a cotton pad, and swipe it around your face. It's like alcohol (kinda cooling and refreshing) but it doesn't dry out your skin.
Packaging: My very first bottle of this had the stupidest packaging. The bottle looked exactly like this one, but on the inside where the toner poured out, it was open mouth. My second bottle, I spilled like half the thing because I knocked it down, *sigh*. My third bottle, it's like this one, where the opening has a plastic covering with a small hole so the toner can "drop" out. Thank gosh! Now, looking at the website, they have a new packaging! I'm super excited to go get my next bottle now!
Amount: 5 fl. oz./150 ml.


  1. I almost forgot about Origins! I'm so used to going to Sephora now instead of Dept stores that I forgot how much I used to love Origins. Definitely need to make a trip to check it out. :)

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway!

  2. Aww, thanks Kelly! :)
    I love your blog, definitely a follower now! I love to shop at Sephora, and I think I'm about to move on to Philosophy, their things are tempting me!
    Thank you for viewing my blog Kelly!! <3