Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Missha "M Watery B.B. Cream SPF 27 / PA++"

Cool angle shot of the box ;)
Hello June! Hopefully during the summer, I can post more reviews up! As first seen in my Chinatown Haul, I am now reviewing it! I don't use this daily, but now since it's summer, I've definitely been using this more often. And I LOVE it; probably one of my HG item now! I love how it's so light weight, sheer, and gives a nice little glow! Unlike most BB Creams, this is very, very liquid-y; that's the main reason why I love it so much! 
"Containing a generous amount of moisture, M Watery B.B Cream helps create glowing skin with its natural coverage. Its moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients protect your skin and make it comfortable with moisturized and cool afterfeel."
The product squeezed out a little bit
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Any
Me: I have a really bad habit of skipping sunscreen, but putting on BB cream with sunscreen is just too heavy for me to put on everyday. Thank goodness for this! It's even lighter than a moisturizer yet its still very moisturizing! Thanks to this, I don't forget my sunscreen and I get skin benefits as well! HG from now on, LOVE! My skin feels so soft, looks smooth, has a very nice and healthy glow,  and it helps to cover my redness too!
Repurchase: Yes, currently one of my HG items! However, I think it's discontinued now, so it might be a little hard to get your hands on it, but thank goodness my Chinatown has some still!
How to: On a clean face, apply a small dime amount to all over your face and neck. With this, you don't need a whole lot of moisturizer before because this is very moisturizing, so just apply a thin layer before! It's a little hard to dispense because sometimes you'll get only the watery part. To prevent this: shake it up, and have it laying down and just tilt it up a little bit so you can slowly squeeze it out. This will prevent the water from spilling out and you'll get a good mix of the product inside!
Price: $15-20; very affordable for my favorite BB cream!
Quality: To me, I wouldn't consider it a BB cream because of how sheer the coverage is. I think it doesn't have color at all; however, it does help with redness and oil-control. I love it!
Smell: It has a light baby lotion smell with a hint of floral. I like it!
Texture: Light weight, smooth, watery, and moisturizing. The lightest BB cream I've ever used and it just feels like a protective veil on your skin cause it's like your skin! Great for the summer!
Color: It looks really dark when out of the tube, but when you blend it out, its not dark at all. The color is very sheer (light coverage), so it would blend with any skintone that ranges in the normal BB cream range. So the color in the picture above is not what it turns to be because of how sheer it is. Even though it comes in only one shade, I would say that it could range anywhere from a no. 21 in BB creams to no. 23 and maybe even a touch darker. (Very versatile!)
Packaging: It comes in this sleek white tube with a shiny cap that twists off, and the product is squeezed out of a small tip. The opening at the tip is a little bit too big because of how watery the product is and sometimes it comes out just the watery moisturizer -.-, so shake it up! I find that the best way to dispense this is to shake it up, and angle it like it's laying down and slowly squeeze it out; NEVER do it vertically up and down cause the water will spill out!
Amount: 50 ml.

Let me know if you have any questions, just comment below, and I promise to comment back!


  1. oh i heard this a quite a good bB cream.. shame missha doesnt work for me >_< Nice review!!

  2. it is! aww! but i saw your new one, and i seems to do wonders <3
    thank you!