Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday: FOTD + IKEA

^^  A little FOTD ^^
Make-up: MAC Eyeshadow (Pollen), Physicians Formula "Lash Boosting Liner" (Deep Brown), Revlon "Grow Luscious Mascara" (Black Shimmer), and MAC "Dazzleglass" (Sugar Rimmed). 

This will just be a random little blog post of my IKEA exploration on the infamous "Black Friday" I bought a few pieces for my room, but most of all; I was testing out my new camera I got on Black Friday. 
Introducing.... The Sony Cyber-shot H70! <3 
So far, I am really liking this camera because the quality is very nice! I highly recommend this point-and-shoot camera! So from now on; the pictures on this blog will be now shot with this camera, and hopefully I'll figure out how to take a picture of my eye to show you some mascara, eyeliner, or circle lens shot. 
Any tips on shooting pictures of your eye?
Here are some of my favorite pictures from IKEA:


I hope everyone had an amazing break and an amazing time around their family! ^_^

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