Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Etude House "Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam: Super Berry Mix"

Exfoliater and cleansing foam? Awesome! This is like Origin's "Check and Balance" wash, but it's with fruits! It's a good face wash when my skin is just blah. Fruits are just a plus for me too!
Rating: 9 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types
Me: I love this cleanser! It doesn't dry out my skin and it made my skin a lot better when it started to break out. It's a frothy face wash like the Origin's one just with little seeds that dissolves on to your skin when you clean your face. This yogurt cleansing foam has many varieties such as: nuts, fruits, and black food. I guess it just depends on your skin type and what you need for your skin.
Repurchase: Yes actually; I enjoyed this cleanser quite a bit.
How to: After wetting your face, apply a little bigger than pea-size amount to your fingers. Swirl and massage the cleanser all around your face, or until you don't feel the seeds anymore. Wash off with lukewarm water (splash with cold water if you want) and then continue with your daily routine!
Price: $17. Not a bad price I think! It's fruity and cute! A pretty good cleanser, but I want to try some other ones, so for now I'm not going to repurchase this.
Quality: Good facial cleanser! I wish there were more seeds in this thing! I have noticed that my skin does look a little brighter and has a sort of 'healthy' glow because of the fruit content. Exfoliating-wise; I didn't really notice any exfoliating going on, but if there is, it's like a super light daily one that keeps your skin from going dull.
Smell: It smells really mellow not stawberry-licious like I would have hoped! But that's okie I guess.
Texture: It's like a mousse texture, very frothy, creamy, and it lathers so well! (light pink color) The seeds aren't that hard, and they're soothing to your skin too!
Packaging: Cute pink packaging! Easy squeeze tube bottle.
Amount: 150 ml.
Etude House:

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