Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nails: Cute Strawberry Nails

After watching Bubzbeauty's "Cute Strawberry Nails" I just had to do these nails! They were super cute, adorable, and perfect for spring. Okay, I admit that my nails are short and stubby, but they actually look like plump strawberries! I tried to recreate this look, and it's actually pretty simple, and I've received a lot of complements about these nails. For this post, I'm just going to do a quick product list and some tips, but the video is so much better, enjoy! Products Used: (Left to Right)
536 Geranium (Essie)
02 Green With Envy (Sally Hansen)
Light Pink (Victoria Secret)
175 Silver Glitter (L.A. Glitter)
708 Top Coat (saQu)
Looking for a perfect red may be hard to find because you want something fresh a fruity. I swatched like 8 different reds, and I found that Geranium was the best one. It's a gorgeous red color, with a little sheen so it looks fresh, looks like strawberries, and it's not overly red with like a little bit of coral.
You want a green that looks fresh and lively. At my Target, there weren't any greens left, and I actually found this out of luck when I was getting something else! It's actually not bad of a color, a cute green-opaque color.
For the strawberry dots, I didn't have white, so I used this really light pink color, and it seems fine. (I'm not sure if you can still get this because I got it over a year ago.) I actually wasn't going to use sparkles, but honestly it's way better if you can because it gives the green a more lively color to it.
Over the colors, I just used the saQu top coat; love this because it's not thick and it gives an awesome shine! (Not sure if you can still get this or not.)
Use a toothpick for the strawberry dots, just dip it in the paint bottle and dot it on your nails! Don't do a thick 2 layer on the red because you're going to be layering the green on, and it's going to be easily pushed off.
When your nails are almost dry (dry enough to touch), run it through ice cold water so it dries faster!
Have fun doing these!

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