Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video: Skinfood Commercial for BubzBeauty's Contest

That's my entry! Thanks for watching ^_^ Please comment too!
Bubz from Bubzbeauty was having a commercial contest for her subscribers, and she was giving away so many things! Of course to make it a little more interesting than just a giveaway, she did a commercial contest! I wasn't going to do this, but then I realized that I would have time during this spring break to chill, so why not? I actually had tons of fun doing this with all of the support from my friends. I hope I win, but good luck to everyone else that entered the contest!
My friend and I were talking about it for a couple of days and we didn't know what to do. She eventually did a sike on organic mascara, hilarious! This commercial was almost last minute, but I'm glad I made it on time, it took me the whole day to make this video because partly it's my first time and I'm a little OCD...
So I narrowed it down to advertising Skinfood, but I had 3 ideas for the commercial.
1. Pretend to cook something, and put it on my face and then it would be the same thing as Skinfood on my face.
2. Put food on my face (representing the different Skinfood products) and realizing how difficult it was, but Skinfood would be super amazing cause it's the same thing but better for you skin.
3. Uh...random for what I just did on my video! (Hahahahaha)
Check out the review for the Rice Mask here.


  1. nice idea! i suppose you like skinfood a lot, eh?

  2. Haha, thank you Jennifer!
    I've been trying out their products since last summer, and so far I'm really liking it :)