Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: BeautyMate "Anti-Blemish Repairning Nano Mask" (Green)

This is my favorite sheet mask out of all the ones that I have tried! Amazing! I only have like 2 least I'm starting to clean out! After I finish these, I want to the MyBeautyDiary masks, so many raves about them!! Let's get on to the review!
9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types, acne.
Me: Really does the job, I just love this thing! This is definately a go-to mask when I'm in need. When my skin is just really bad, dull, and acne prone, I use this mask to calm my skin and my skin is immediately better. Super super impressed.
How to: After cleaning your face, just put this mask on and adjust it to your face shape. (Take the plastic film out.) Use the remaining essence on your neck or on the mask on places that are troublesome for you. Wait for about 15-30 minutes, and then take this mask off. Gently massage the excess off, and continue with the rest of your skincare routine!
Price: $15 per box, about a little over $2 per mask. Not expensive for a great mask! It's pretty moderately priced.
Quality: It definitely helps my acne-prone skin a lot and the redness! The sheet of the mask is a nice material, smooth and thick so that that your skin can be hydrated and absorb all the essence.
Smell: No particular smell, and I'm not sure how to explain this smell! It smells good anyways! It's like this clean, fresh, and smooth smell. I love the smell personally.
Texture: This essence is pretty thick, and absorbs really well on your skin. It's not sticky, but it's thick and hydrating, even for acne skin!
Packaging: The mask comes in it's own little bag in a box. Inside is the sheet mask with a bunch of essence. The mask is folded, and in between, there's a plastic sheet with holes so when it's in the bag, the essence is absorbed all over. The plastic sheet keeps it hygienic, and it's not hard to peel off, it's not like super thin or anything. The box is nice, and inside there's a little booklet of all the different masks BeautyMate has, and it gives a brief explanation of what each mask does, ^_^
Amount: 1 mask (7 masks per box)
Repurchase: Yes, of course!

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