Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Benefit "BADgal Lash Mascara: Blue"

My second Benefit product! I love their stuff, it's so fun and great!
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Me: I just got this out of the 'blue' when I was shopping around. I believe this is limited edition... cause I don't see it in stores anymore. However, they now have the color Plum available, so if your interested check it out! When wearing makeup, I hate lengthening stuff. I know it sounds weird, but lengthening stuff just makes my lashes look like 'spider lashes' if you know what I mean. So I usually lean towards more volumizing things other than lengthening products. I have to say this gives a really natural finish with nice voluminous lashes. And, you can always build it up for a more dramatic effect.
How to: Just wiggle the want up to get nice full lashes!
Price: $19, more on the higher end, but I really love this mascara! Blue just really brings out the fun!
Quality: It does a very very good job at voluminzing and making your lashes look fuller. However, it doesn't hold your curls that well. It does keep them up, but not curled; at least it's not drooping! It dries out kinda quickly, so my lashes looked a little "powder-like". I'm not sure about the black, cause maybe it's just the blue color that makes it look that way.
Smell: No particular smell, but it doesn't smell bad like some mascaras.
Texture: Very nice mascara formula, just a little dry. No clumps though! However, during the day, the mascara gets a little dry looking.
Color: It's a deep dark violet-royal-blue color. You can definitely play it up for fun, or play it down for a casual popping look. The color is very nice and rich! Instead of black, this gives your eyes a brighter look, and more awake. (Your whites look whiter in your eyes too.)
Packaging: It's a really big mascara tube, yet simple and chic. It's not overly big like the Maybelline and Covergirl mascaras cause it's just a jumbo sleek tube, no weird shape. The brush itself is humongous also, but really great for making it look full with clumps!
Repurchase: Yes!
Amount: .3 oz. (Going to last you for quite a while!)
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