Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: TheFaceShop "Damage Coating Essence"

Sorry it's been a while! Well I've actually had this one ready, just haven't really posted it yet, but here you go! I actually got this from an awesome friend of mine, she's so nice and and giving, thank you! She actually got 2 bottles of this, and gave me one to try out. I've had it for about 3 months now, and so far it's really really nice!
9 out of 10
Hair Type: Any, dry damaged hair.
Me: So I usually don't like to put too much products in my hair, but this was like a hair care product, so I decided to test it out. Plus, from the summer my hair was really damaged from the sun. After this, my hair feels soooooo soft and amazing! I just can't stop touching my hair afterward, such a great serum! It does not weigh down your hair at all, and it doesn't get oily.
How to: 'After shampooing and drying hair, massage a fair amount of essence into hair.' You can use this on dry or wet hair, but for best results use this on like 50% dry hair so the essence can be soaked up. I would just use a dime size amount and massage it in my hair (not my scalp), and if I have some left, I would kind of 'pick up' the top layers of my hair with the remaining essence. I don't want my hair to be so oily at the scalp, and my tips are the ones that really need the replenishment.
Price: Not really sure, but I don't think it was that expensive.
Quality: Really makes my hair amazing afterward! I don't see that much repairing though, but it's a great hair serum nonetheless.
Smell: It does not smell gross at all, it has a slight sweet smell. Not really strong, but it gives your hair that little 'sweetness' to it. ^_^
Texture: It's an oil, not runny but not thick either; smooth. It has just enough texture to be easily spread and absorbed.
Packaging: A smooth, plastic bottle. The pump is easy to control, and comes out fine. Small and compact!
Amount: 65 ml. / 2.19 fl. oz.
Repurchase: Yes, but not for a long time. This will last me for a while!

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