Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Fresh "Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15"

I'm not a huge lip person, but this happens to be one of my favorite items! Usually, I would loose a lip product before I even use all of it, but this is almost gone and I still have it! If this came in a petal pink, I would grab it!! Wax may dry out your lips, but this is an all natural lip product that treats your lips and keeps it looking pretty.
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Normal lips,  dry.
Me: During the wintertime, my lips were so chapped and dry! Normal chapstick did not help. My mom had this, and I tried it out, and it was amazing! My lips were SAVED! I took this from her :) I really love this, and especially at night when I apply this; in the morning, my lips are really nice. This is great for on the go when I forget everything else, you get moist and juicy lips!
Repurchase: Yes, but its still expensive; so maybe then they have a color I am dying to get. 
How to: Just apply this anywhere, anytime! What I usually do is after taking my shower at night, I would apply this to let the treatment work, and in the morning my lips are so soft and it gives my lips a gorgeous tint!
Price: $22.50... quite on the pricier side! However, it soothes your lips, has SPF, and it really does keep your lips in good shape. Eh, if it was cheaper, I would grab every color!
Quality: Love it! My favorite lip balm/treatment ever! Super moisturizing, and it gives such a beautiful tint even when you've had it on. I would definitely try this out especially in the wintertime!
Smell: It has a very soothing citrus smell that stays on your lips. It reminds me of strawberry lemonade-love the smell!! <3
Texture: Very, very moisturizing! It glides on very smoothly and it gives my lip a really nice juicy finish. Do not ever put this in your pocket, it will melt! Because it is so soft, it melts really easily; and I've noticed that it gets a little messy inside the container from a little melting, but nothing major. (It's like butter!)
Color: On the website, the swatch is pink, but in real life, it's not quite that 'grapefruit' color. The swatch on my hand came out a very sheer, pink with a touch of coral. On my lips, It comes out like a raspberry color. Not a dark color, but it gives my lips a nice sheer (and pigmented) wash of color. It's not dark, but it gives color to normal lips. (raspberry or a deep pink rose?) I'm not sure how to describe it, but basically it gives a light berry color. ^_^
Packaging: The packaging is like a normal chapstick, but its super sturdy! It's a thick aluminum case that screws off, and you twist the balm up and apply. Not too big, or too small; sleek and simple! 
Amount: 4.3 g. / 0.15 oz.


  1. thanks for your thorough review! i've never tried anything from Fresh! ^_^

  2. sounds like a gd product.. same about the price tag!

  3. it really is, and it's quite long lasting... but yea, the price is just ridiculous! :)

  4. Jennifer: Welcome! :) Fresh is quite an interesting brand, I need to experiment more, but this might be a good start if you don't mind the price ^_^