Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Skinfood "Lettuce & Cucumber Toner"

Ooo, I really like the greens in this pic!
Wow, I've had this for quite a while! I'm ready to post a review for this one now since I've made up my mind on how I feel about it. (I got this in my second Skinfood Haul,) I usually don't stray away from a favorite toner, but at the time,  I was on a Skinfood craze so I picked this one up as well. Overall, it's a pretty good toner, nothing special, but it does not break me out!
"This hydro-balancing toner makes your skin clean and clear, and contains vitamins and mineral-rich lettuce & cucumber extracts."
Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Skin Type: Normal skin, sensitive.
Me: Well I just use this as a normal toner. Usually, I would alternate between my toners depending on what my skin needed for the month. Using this toner, it would mean that my skin is in its normal condition, maybe needs some moisture, and just a refreshment for my skin. This toner doesn't have any special effects, but its not a bad toner. However, I have noticed that this makes my skin quite plump, bright, and smooth/soft.  I would highly recommend this for the winter and springtime because its gentle, moisturizing, and refreshing.
Repurchase: No... probably not. It's not a bad toner, but there are better ones out there.
How to: After washing and drying your face. Apply about 5 drops of the toner to a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face and neck. You can also apply this to your palm and pat it in your face for more moisture. After this, just continue with the rest of your routine!
Price: I got it for about $10 in Asia, but since its harder to find, Yesstyle offers it for $25. Hey, you can always wait for coupons ^_^. Not very expensive at all, but its a great toner.  
Quality: I agree that it keeps skin very clean and bright, and healthy. (Not acne fighting though.)
Smell: It smells really fresh, almost like a sweet cucumber. I like it; once its on your face it does not linger at all. (Light smell)
Texture: Unlike most toners, this is a gel-type toner. Its a little hard getting it out of the bottle, but it's easy to spread on your face. Your skin absorbs it immediately. Even though its a gel-based texture it does not leave your skin sticky at all. It absorbs very fast and keeps it moisturized.
Packaging: Super cute, but not super convenient. It's in this thick glass bottle with an aluminum screw cap and inside is a small opening. To get the stuff out, you have to shake the bottle a bit to get a couple of drops....  Not the best packaging ever, but it was nice.
Amount: 135 ml.


  1. the beer-bottle-like packaging is very appealing to me :D and i like cucumbers, win!

  2. :) hahaha, it's so cute to have in your bathroom, this is probably one of the most soothing cucumbers because it has almost like a sweet scent <3 !

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  4. What brands of toner would you recommend?