Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haul: Skinfood 2

I took a big purchase with Skinfood this time since last time was my "trial" buy. Now I'm confident in their products. I think this will last me for years!! I bought: Tomato Whitening Serum, Lettuce & Cucumber Toner, Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash-off, Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash-off, and the Fresh Ale Pack. I even got two samples: Black Raspberry Cosmetic Set (Toner and Emulsion) and Carrot Gift Set (Toner and Emulsion). Let's start the preview!
Tomato Whitening Serum
"Tomato Whitening Serum: This serum is packed with fresh tomato extracts which contains a variety of natural organic acids, vitamins and minerals to clear and clarify dark skin."
35 ml.
I actually wanted to buy the "Tomato Whitening Spot Serum" for my mom because she wanted to get something for her dark spots on her face, but Tiffany didn't have it, so I got this one. Hopefully my mom will like this! No reviews on this one, sorry ^_^
Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash off
"SKINFOOD Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash off: Yogurt mask with extracts of kiwi, tropical fruit rich in vitamin and juice."
"To Use: After cleansing, gently massage over dry face. Leave on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off."
100 ml.
Kiwi, now that's something new! I love kiwi, no doubt, but I've never heard it being used in a mask or skincare product. This should be fun!
Lettuce & Cucumber Toner
"Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Toner: This hydro-balancing toner makes your skin clean and clear, and contains vitamin-and mineral-rick lettuce & cucumber extracts."
135 ml.
Toners aren't something that I usually try out, but I've heard some good things about this, so I decided to get it, it wasn't that expensive either. I have started to use this, and it isn't really your normal toner. Usually, the toner that I use is like water, but this has more of a gel type. Hmm, interesting, maybe I'll like this toner? We'll see!
Fresh Aloe Pack
"SKINFOOD Fresh Aloe Pack: A soothing pack with Aloe Extracts, providing moisture and hydration to dry skin."
"To Use: Evenly apply to the face wit circular movements for 30 seconds. Leave it for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water."
100 g.
I have used this before, definitely not disappointed with this product. I didn't want to get this product, but I accidentally did, but oh well! It's not a bad product.
My review here
Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash off"SKINFOOD Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash off: Yogurt mask with extracts of papaya, nutritious and moist tropical fruit."
"To Use: After cleansing, gently massage over dry face. Leave on you face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off."
100 g.
I did want to get this at first, but I wasn't sure of it since I haven't really heard about it. But doing some research, I did decide to get it in my second haul. Papaya, as many of you know, is very good for you skin and is often used in many skin products; it can be used to brighten, clarify, and moisturize your skin. I have used this one once, and so far it's pretty good, and I will do a thorough review on this as soon as I can!

I do love the samples!! They are so cute! I'm not going to use them at home, but use it in travel since they are travel size! I'm excited with my new samples; I need to get rid of my things... I have way too much!

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