Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Skinfood "Peach Sake Pore Serum"

I am finally done with my first haul reviews! Phew! Sorry it took me so long, after this I can start with my second haul! This is the non-mask item that I got... I'm starting to fall in love with Skinfood!
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types, large pores.
Me: This was another thing that I was really looking forward to. One word. Amazing. I does what's it's suppose to do! Since using this I have felt that my skin is more moisturized, my pores are smaller, and I don't break out so much! I use this after using my toner, and before my moisturizer. I really don't use this everyday because I don't like to pile so many things on my face, but I do use it about 3-5 times a week. I LOVE the smell, I LOVE the packaging, and I just LOVE everything about it! It's light and it has like a tiny tiny hint of shimmer in it. This was my first product from the Peach Sake line, and I am pretty confident on trying the other products from this line!
How to: After washing your face, put this on after your toner. You only need to use like a small pea size about for your whole face. Remember your not drenching your face with this, it's just suppose to be a thin protective veil. After using this, put on your moisturizer and your ready to go! (I usually put this on at night)
Price: 220,000 VND = 12 dollars. It's like half the price of the prices online. It's totally worth it!!
Quality: It makes my face so smooth and nice! I love this thing! It's obvious that my pore is smaller too! It's not like overnight, but if you use it for maybe a week or two, you'll see the difference. For a cheap price, the thing works!
Smell: Ah...The smell is my favorite part of this! It has a really sweet peach smell with some tartness from the sake. The smell is just amazing...I'm in love with it. It lingers on your skin, so I can't stop smelling myself!!
Texture: It has a really nice and light texture. It comes out as a creamy cream, but it's actually translucent and light. It does has some shimmer into it, you really have to look to notice it. It dries fast, and doesn't leave your skin sticky.
Packaging: It's absolutely adorable! It's in a glass bottle with a plastic cap. The cap is wrapped in a really nice "wood" texture thing. It has a modern vintage feel to it, and it totally matches the product! Peaches has a really cool touch, while the sake gives it a more traditional feeling. ^_^
Amount: 45 ml.


  1. I just ordered it. I read that it makes as a nice primer, which confuses me since its a serum. Why does it have shimmers? O_O

  2. oh thats good! i can see why it makes a good primer too bc your skin feels velvety soft afterward.
    i really have no clue either! but it's only if you look VERY closely bc it's barely noticeable really. i had to stare it down hahaha ^_^ i hope you enjoy it!

  3. I've used this product, but it don't give me much effect. My skin still looks oily after like 20 minutes upon applying it. But yeah it does have awesome peachy smell. And the packaging is so adorable which i really love :)

  4. aww :( that's sad that it didn't do much! hahah, i agree with the scent and the packaging as well :)

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