Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haul: TheFaceShop and Etude House

I'm excited! I will have my Skinfood one after this, so don't sweat! Ah... My first products from Etude House! I repurchased the full-size Cleansing Wipes because they are amazing!! They even gave me two samples of the 'Hydra Splash BB Cream', hm... I'm excited to try them out! Etude House things are just so cute, so I decided to give their products a shot! Let's get on with the haul descriptions!
Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
"Saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with Botanic extracts and Rosemary extract that purifies the skin, these convenient facial cleansing wipes purify the skin while cleansing it gently"
"Directions: Gently wipe face in light sweeping motion."
70 sheets
I absolutely love these wipes! They are the best wipes I have ever used! These are a little more expensive than your regular wipes. What I do with them is that I cut them in half since I really only use them to clean makeup off when I do wear makeup, or to gently cleanse my face during the day if I'm outside doing activities. Plus, cutting them in half would save a lot of money and it's so hard to get them, so it's precious!
Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam-Super Berry Mix
"Cleansing foam contains yogurt and fine granules to gently exfoliate, moisturize and tighten complexion. Berry Mix consists of Raspberry & Pomegranate extracts."
"Directions: Wet face and dispense small amount onto hands. Lather and apply foam to face, gently massaging entire area. Wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water."
150 ml.
I'm still so confused if this is a cleanser or an exfoliater! I got this because I have heard some raves about it, but I'm so confused still. I'm not going to use it just yet because my goal is to use some of my products before opening new ones. So this will probably take a long time before a review, sorry ^_^
Aqua Sherbet Lotion
"Aqua Sherbet contains mineral rich glacial water from Alaska and vitamin rich grapefruit water to supply the skin cooling complexion care. Lotion replenishes and restores moisture balance to complexion."
"Directions: Following serum application, use hands to apply lotion to all areas of face and neck."
150 ml.
I was really debating on whether to get this or not, but now I did! I can't wait to use it, hopefully it's going to be a moisturizer. I'm still confused, a moisturizer or a light lotion...
Let's see now!

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