Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nails: Pink Strawberry Nails

Pink Strawberries!
 Summer is coming and my nails had to be summer-prep too right? Hahaha! Inspired by my "Cute Strawberry Nails", I did pink strawberries this time because it feels fresher and pretty! This look can be called pink strawberries or strawberry milkshake nails!  This time, it's not as strawberry-filled, but just more focused on the light and summer-like colors! For this post, I'm just gonna post simple instructions, colors, and tips to recreate this look!
Side-by-side comparison! Strawberry galore!!
Simple How-To: 
1. Use any base coat of your choice to keep your nails from turning yellow.
2. Coat your nails with 3 coat of the light pink color and wait a couple minutes for it to dry a little bit. (**Do one coat at a time on each nail, then go back around.**)
3. Take the red and do three little strokes to make them look like strawberry leaves on your thumb!
4. Make sure you're working on a magazine or something, so you can put a small amount of the red on it.; then take a toothpick and dot the strawberry seeds on each finger. 
5. Wait for everything to dry/close to dry as possible and coat with 2 coats of the top coat!
- I do not suggest using sparkles on this look because you want to create fresh and clean strawberry-milkshake nails.
- Don't make the leaves too big or else that's all you'll see!
- After your nails of dry enough to touch, run it under ice cold water/soak your nails in ice cold water to let the pain completely dry or else it'll get smudged around. 
- Unlike the original strawberries, I just like to do one actual strawberry on my thumb. It just looks cleaner and cuter!

Products Used (Left to Right): 
265 It's Delicate (Essie) - This is a really sheer light pink, and I love it! It is really sheer, so I needed about 3 coats to get the color. Not shimmers; just a light pink, and it reminds me of ballet flats <3
536 Geranium (Essie) - The perfect pop of red! It's not dark at all, so its so fresh and just a perfect pop of red! It really is true red, but a bright red that's perfect for the spring and summer!
708 Top Coat (saQu) - I love this top coat because its thin and it gives an amazing shine! I like it think because it easier to spread on the nails and I usually give this 2-3 coats, depending on how shiny I want my nails.
Last picture of my pink strawberries!

Enjoy and goodluck! 


  1. aww thats super cute! im glad you did a version without green because i dont' have green polish :)

  2. thank you! yea, i figured it would be easier for people to just buy at least 1 red polish than to buy red and green.
    hope it turns out great for you! <3

  3. Your strawberry nails are really cute, thanks for the tutorial! I'm terrible at nail art though.. my attempt will most probably make me wipe the whole thing off in frustration hahaha~

  4. love this, so cute!! you make it seem so easy :-)

  5. Blair: thanks, and you're welcome! don't worry! if you do it's only the thumb and you can practice more!~ hahaha, hope it turns out well for you!
    kristin: thank you! it looks kinda complicated but it's just a few strokes and dot, dot, dot! ^_^ hope it turns out well for you!