Monday, September 12, 2011

Haul: MAC

It's been a while since I've done a haul, and this time I'm going MAC! I already own quite a lot of MAC shadows, but for a wedding that I went to, I had an appointment to get my make-up done, and I also got some of the things they used on my face! I absolutely love the look! I've tried recreating the look a couple times, but it's still not as amazing as when I got it professionally done. However, I do not regret my purchases so far because they're pretty practical and versatile! I hope you like this haul! 

MAC Pigments
 Left: Tan (Muted pinky brown bronze)
Right: Kitschmas (Shimmering pink/mauve pearl - frost)
 $20 each; 4.5 g. / 0.15 oz.
This, I actually got a little before the actual haul, but I thought I'd just might as well include it in here! These two shades are absolutely gorgeous! To me, both of them are very versatile because they could be used alone, or added to a look for a more dramatic of special feel. I love using tan alone for a light sweep of color to give my eyes a pop or adding it to a smokey brown look to accentuate the brown color. Kitschmas is a gorgeous shimmery and sparkly color, I love it so much! I love using it alone to add some sparkle, or adding it on top of other shadows for a shimmering finish. Honestly, I think this is a pretty translucent color with just a tiny hint of pink, so you can top this off any look! **A little goes a long way!

Eye Shadow: Carbonized (Frosty dark brown; Veluxe Pearl finish)
$15 each; 1.5 g. / 0.05 oz. 
This is just your basic brown color but I love the finish of this brown! I seems very simple, but you can easily layer this and add depth. In real life, it isn't as dark as it looks on the website. It's a great simple color to use alone, add depth, layer, or accentuate the outer-V. I really love this simple brown, it's like the basic must-have! 

Mineralize Skinfinish: Semi Precious Rose Quatrz 
-Base: Rosy Pink  
-Inner Circle: Silver, Lime, White pink, Copper
$28 each; 6.5 g. / 0.22 oz. 
I knew immediately I had to get this because its so shimmery! The color is so nice as well! It gives a really cute pink glow on your cheeks; dewy finish! This is a LE color that came out with MAC's "Semi Precious" collection; however, some MAC counters may still have some! I love this product; so cute and lovely!

Dazzleglass: Sugarrimmed (Milky pale pink with multipearl)
$18.50; 1.92 g. / 0.06 oz. 
This is such a gorgeous lipgloss! Super sparkly and beautiful! I love the color because you can wear it alone, or on top of a lip color. The only thing that I do not like about this is the formula; it's too sticky for me, but I think that's how it's suppose to be so it stays on. In general though, I really love this gloss because its very pretty; my lips do look 'sugarrimmed' and it has a hint of a sweet vanilla!

Big Bounce Shadow: Impeccably Rich (Light cream with gold pearl)
$16.50 each; 5 g.
I absolutely love this product! It's so easy to use and so pretty! Since this is a light gold, it can be layered on anything or just worn alone! Its shimmers are very fine and the cream is very smooth; like lotion! It's so pretty and I just love using it alone to bring some light into my eyes or to enhance another shadow! I would definitely go grab myself some other shades!
Shadestick: Heirloom (Light icy pink)
$17.50 each; 1.5 g. /0.05 g. 
I love shadesticks because they are so easy to use and convenient! This color is actually quite sheer with a very light wash of a shimmery pink. However, it does hold other eyeshadows quite well. It's great to wear alone or layer under a smokey eye since its a darkish shade of a silvery pink. It's not as creamy as I would have hoped....
Eye Kohl: Teddy (Intense bronze - pearl finish)
$15 each; 1.45 g. / 0.05 g. 
This is definitely a 2-in-1 product because this is easily blendable and you can line your eyes! This is a dark brown/bronze shade it looks super natural and great for smokey eyes. I like to smudge this on and blend it out; super soft! In general, I love this and I would definitely get some other shades!

Well! That's it for my MAC haul, I hope you liked it and comment below if you have any questions or would like a thorough review on a product in particular! Thank you!


  1. My looks never turn out as good either! They are really good hahaha~

    Please do a look with the Big Bounce shadow?

  2. Ahaha, I know! :)

    Sure! I'll try to! thank you!