Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: MyBeautyDiary "Strawberry Yogurt Mask"

My Beauty Diary's "Strawberry Yogurt Mask"
I've finally gotten some time to review some MBD masks! I'll try to post them up as quickly as I can, but school is really bogging my down lately! Sorry in advance for the many short hiatus to come! I still haven't tried everything from my massive haul yet! I don't remember to do a mask every week even though my skin begs for them.... Come to think of it, I might as well do one tonight since I have time and treat my skin for it's hard work. Lately, I've been breaking out on my cheeks a little, any remedies and recommendations? Just leave a comment below, thank you!
The back of the box
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Skin Type: All skin types; especially combination.
Me: For me, this was one of those masks that I've heard so many raves about and just had to try it out myself! One fact about me: I LOVE STRAWBERRIES!! (If you haven't already caught on.) Honestly, I really love this mask because partially because it smells so good and it really works on my skin! I love using this when my skin needs some hydration, brightening, or when my skin just needs a little boost. This mask is good for combination skin because it controls the oil and sebum of your skin; it leaves my skin really smooth, bright, fresh, and I do feel like the next few days, my T-zone is less oily!
How to: After washing you face, apply this mask and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes (or longer if you wish). After that, take off the mask, rub the essence into your skin and continue with your usual skincare routine! *You don't need to wash off!*
Price: $10-17 per box; per sheet < $2 As always, MBD masks are really affordable and effective! I say this mask is a must; might as well buy the whole box!
Quality: I think this mask lives up to its expectations! This mask is made for combination skin and I think it does help with that! Controls oil and sebum, but I don't know about pore tightening so much because it does a little, but not much. It does make my skin smooth and you can instantly see a 'brighter' skintone after taking this off. 
Smell: It smells so amazing! It smells like a sweet strawberry yogurt, so yummy! It doesn't smell 'artificial' either, it smells so fresh and light.I love the smell so much...
Texture: Like most of the MBD masks, they sheets are very thin, and the package has so much essence!I love rubbing the remaining essence on my neck and arms ~
Packaging: Cute box!! and the mask inside is put in this cute, compact aluminum bag. I love how each of the MBD masks are so unique in design; these have little strawberries on them; so cute! Unlike most masks, these masks are put in smaller pouches!
Amount: 1 sheet/ 10 per box
Repurchase: Yes!
Individual packages


  1. i've hear so much of this masks, it's just a shame that i can't get it personally, i have to get only online or i would have tried this one for sure!I'm soooo addicted to masks!:D
    oh and thank u for the this post it's so complete!

  2. indeed they are very well known! i love this one, and i am addicted too :) hahaha!
    aww, you're welcome! thank you for viewing it <3