Monday, May 31, 2010

Review: Aveeno "Clear Complexion" Daily Cleansing Pads

Rating: 8 out of 10
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Me: I really really love this! I usually don't get cleansing pads, but because I started going to the gym, this got really handy. Not only is it handy, but it's an awesome cleanser! It deep cleanses, but really gently, so it's not harsh to my skin. Really does cure my acne, but it sometimes leaves my skin feeling a little tight and dry.
How to: Wet your face, and take one of the pads (using the textured side), and gently cleanse your face in a circular motion. (You can feel the texture of pad on your skin.) While washing off the cleanser from the pad, use the other side of the pad (plain side) and gently go over your face again as your washing it off, and then thoroughly wash your face. After washing your face, apply your toner and moisturizer.
Price: $7 This may be a drugstore brand, but it's honestly one of the best cleansers I've used. Totally worth the buy.
Quality: Such a great cleanser at a low price! It's really something that I love at such a great price. It's a great quality, and it's gentle because of the natural ingredients.
Smell: It smells fresh, like a cucumber soapy smell. It's a refreshing smell that I really don't mind at all.
Texture: The pad has two textures, one side is just a normal plain one, and the other has more definition. The two textures are great. When I feel that my skin needs some extra help, I would use the textured side to exfoliate and deep cleanse. When my skin is tired, and sensitive, I would use the plain side of it. All you really do is rub the pad in circular motion on wet skin and it gets pretty soapy, and I like that; it feels like my skin is getting renewed.
Packaging: Hmm... I guess the container is a little bulky.. Wish it was smaller so it's more convenient, but then again the pads are pretty big as well.
Amount: 25 Self-Foaming, Dual-Textured Pads

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